Is Carl Radke Gay? How the Summer House Star Deals with the Rumors and the Split?

Is Carl Radke Gay? Lindsay Hubbard and Carle Radke were going to get married, but now they’re no longer together. The relationship between Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard is over.

Carl told Lindsay that he couldn’t go through with the wedding, which was meant to happen in November. Multiple sources told Entertainment Tonight that the breakup was filmed and will probably be shown in the next season of Summer House.

Hubbard’s wedding shower was held two weeks ago in New York City at the Moxy East Village’s Cathédrale. Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Ciara Miller, Gabby Prescod, and Samantha Feher were just some of the Hubbard’s Summer House co-stars who came to the party.

In August 2022, Hubbard, who was 37 years old at the time, and Radke, who was 38, told their friends on Instagram that they were now engaged.

Radke wrote “YOOOOO #AthousandTimesYes” in the description of the post. The proposal took place on the lovely Dune Beach in Southampton, New York.

As soon as their split got out on social media, people started asking Radke if he was gay. Keep reading the story to find out how the actor really feels about himself.

Who is Carl Radke?

Carl Radke is a reality TV star who is on the Bravo show Summer House. He is also a young worker who lives in New York City and makes movies.

Is Carl Radke Gay?

He just broke up with his co-star and fiancee, Lindsay Hubbard, who he was meant to marry in November 2023. He has also had to deal with rumors about his sexuality after talking about a same-sex hookup he had in the past.

Is Carl Radke Gay?

Carl Radke is not gay, though. After the world found out that Carl Radke had broken off his engagement with Lindsay, the rumors about his sexuality grew.

In the excitement over this news, some stories that had already been told came up again.

Carl’s close friend Stephen McGee once said that Carl had a same-sex meeting when he was in his early twenties. This is a notable story.

Carl later confirmed that the story was true, but he kept his identity as a straight man. He said, in his own words:

“‘I’m very confident in my sexuality. ‘It took me 10 years to actually come to grips [with it] and share it with someone. I told one of my gay friends about it, and then somehow word got out to other people.”

Also, most of his relationships in the past have been with women, which should put an end to any rumors about his sexuality.

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What Happened Between Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke?

The public still doesn’t know why Carl Ladke and Linsay Hubbard broke up, but Bravo fans have already started to guess.

Queens of Bravo, which is like DeuxMoi but for Bravo, tweeted that the breakup was “his idea” and even talked about it on tape.

Is Carl Radke Gay?

They said, “We heard that they talked about it ON CAMERA and that it was his idea. “She had no idea it was coming,” the person said.

In fact, a source told Us Weekly that Hubbard was “blindsided” by Radke’s decision to end it, and she’s still trying to figure out what happened.

“It’s all so raw,” said the person in the know. “It’s not clear what will happen yet.” The source said, “He did call off the engagement on camera,” adding that it was “so mean” of Radke to break up with her in such a public way.


Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s engagement was postponed due to a filmed breakup, which was rumored to be shown in the next season of Summer House. The breakup was filmed and was announced on Instagram. Radke, who is not gay, has denied having a same-sex meeting in his early twenties.

The public remains uncertain about the reason behind the breakup, with Queens of Bravo claiming it was his idea.

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