GTA Online: All the Bank Locations and How to Rob Them

Since the newest version of Grand Theft Auto Online is coming out on next-generation platforms with a lot of visual improvements, it’s hard to believe that the game is almost 10 years old.

After all, the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game are just as good as other recent games because they have high-resolution images, sound design, and gameplay features.

So, since the game world feels better than ever, it’s not surprising that many new players just hit the road to see what Los Santos has to offer.

Some of the most important locations in Grand Theft Auto Online have to be the banks and depositories that are spread out across the huge game map.

Not only are these banks drawn with a lot of detail, but they are often based on real banks in Los Angeles, California. So, these banks are very important for making the free-roaming part of the game feel more real and realistic.

In GTA Online, the Fleeca Banks

For those who don’t know, the Fleeca Banks are a big part of the heist mode in Grand Theft Auto Online. Players can steal from several different places in the game. During heist shootouts, players may have a strategic edge if they check out the following places to find possible escape routes, flanking spots, and incoming gridlock lanes:

Location Street/Area
Legion Square Vespucci Boulevard
Boulevard Del Perro Morningwood
Hawick Avenue and Meteor Street Alta
Along Hawick Avenue Burton
South Rockford Drive Palomino Avenue
The Great Ocean Highway Banham Canyon
Blaine County, Route 68 Harmony

GTA Online’s Kayton Bank

The Kayton Towers are a group of three towers in Little Seoul, Los Santos, and are one of the largest buildings in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are on the corner of San Andreas Avenue and Movie Star Way.

gta 5 bank locations
Kayton Bank

Each building has more than ten stories. On the first floors of each building are businesses like coffee shop patios, Internet cafes, and different stores.

GTA Online Lombank Depositories

Lombank has two main offices and three smaller branches all over Los Santos. It shows up in multiple Grand Theft Auto games. Unfortunately, players can’t go inside any of the following branches; they can only see them from the outside:

Location Street/Area
San Andreas Avenue Little Seoul
Rockford Hills South Boulevard Del Perro
Aguja Street Vespucci Canals

In GTA Online, the Pacific Standard Bank

In Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos, at the corner of Alta Street and Vinewood Boulevard. During the last Grand Theft Auto Online heist DLC, the main goal is to rob the Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank. Players can steal up to $1,250,000 from the Pacific Standard bank vault after completing various setup missions.

GTA Online’s Maze Bank

Maze Bank’s main office is in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos. It is the largest building in Grand Theft Auto Online.

gta 5 bank locations
Maze Bank

In addition, Maze has a smaller foothold in Southern San Andreas and has branches all over the Greater Los Santos Area.

In GTA Online, the Union Depository

The Union Depository is at 17 Power Street in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos. It’s a big part of the story mode for Grand Theft Auto 5. Not based on a building in Los Angeles, California, like some of the other banks on the list.

Still, it is an important landmark on the map, and many players think the Union Depository bank heist is the best in the game.

In GTA Online, the Penris Bank

The last bank in Grand Theft Auto Online, Penris, is on Swiss Street in Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos, just north of the IAA Headquarters. The Wedbush Securities Building in Downtown Los Angeles, which is an office building, was a big influence on how the building in the game looks.

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