Modern Warfare 3 Brings Back the Iconic MW2 Voice Lines: Here’s How to Find Them

In Modern Warfare 3, the Gunscreen Bundle is supposed to announce that the classic Modern Warfare 2 voice lines are coming back. Fans of the Modern Warfare series can get a hint of the game’s past from this new update. On November 10, 2023, the next part of the game will come out.

The game’s creators plan to add popular parts from the old version, like the speech lines on the Gunscreen bundle, to the new gameplay. Based on this news, we look into how this change is meant to bring back the game’s former glory and make the whole playing experience better.

Modern Warfare 3’s Leaked Gunscreen Bundle Will Have Speech Lines From the First Modern Warfare 2

In response to what the Call of Duty community wanted, the Modern Warfare 3 writers seem to have come up with a creative way to bring back important parts of the original Modern Warfare 2. Among these are the well-known voice lines from the speaker. People think that this feature will be part of the Battle Buddy Chatter Pack.

Modern Warfare 3 Brings Back the Iconic MW2 Voice Lines

The makers of Gunscreen are planning to add these lines to a future package. By putting the bundle on their guns, this clever trick lets you hear the famous lines from Modern Warfare 2. This nostalgic feature tries to recreate the feeling of being on the battlefield by using the familiar statements that were used in the first Modern Warfare games.

Attention to detail is clear here, as the voice lines create a deeper feeling of nostalgia that goes beyond what can be heard. It takes players back in time and puts them in battles that have a strong sense of the past.

From the famous “Sentry Gun Activated” to the exciting “Tactical Nuke incoming,” each speech line brings back memories of the classic Modern Warfare 2.

The creators made good strategic decisions based on how excited the fans were about the game. The combination of old game sounds and a current graphical interface makes it clear that current Warfare 3 will be a unique mix.

The popular voice lines from Modern Warfare 2 not only make the game more fun to play, but they also let players go back in time.


Modern Warfare 3’s Gunscreen Bundle will feature classic Modern Warfare 2 voice lines, bringing back the game’s past glory and improving the playing experience.

The creators plan to add these lines to the game’s future, resembling the Battle Buddy Chatter Pack. The nostalgic feature recreates the feeling of being on the battlefield, bringing players back in time and making the game more enjoyable.

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