5 Things You Need to Buy in GTA Online Right Now: A Beginner’s Guide

The community agrees that GTA Online is not very good for people who are just starting out. Rockstar Games puts all of its players on an open map and sends them a lot of calls, texts, and notifications asking them to do and buy different things. Because of this, it’s hard to find things that will actually be worth something.

Players who have been playing for a while can work around these problems, but new players often end up getting things they don’t need. So, to make it easier to choose, the Grand Theft Auto Online community has come up with a list of things that new players should get as soon as they can.

This article discusses five things that every new GTA Online player should have in August 2023.

In 2023, there are 5 things that every new GTA Online player must have:-

1) Armored Kuruma

In 2023, the Armored Kuruma is without a question one of the best cars to have in GTA Online. Due to its power and performance, it is also very famous among experienced players. As the name suggests, it is an armored car that can stop most of the shots that enemies fire.

5 Things You Need to Buy in GTA Online Right Now

In the game, the enemies are aimbots that can kill you from anywhere. The metal-covered windows of the Armored Kuruma, on the other hand, stop most of the bullets and let players shoot from inside. But deadly weapons shouldn’t be used against the car. When fully improved, it can go as fast as 109.75 mph or 176.63 km/h.

2) Tactical SMG

One of the best drive-by guns in GTA Online is the Tactical SMG. Many weapons can’t be used as well when inside a car, but the Tactical SMG is better in this way because it can be used to quickly kill enemies.

It is a submachine gun that can only be bought in GTA Online from the Gun Van. The weapon usually costs $325,000, but the Gun Van sells it for less than that. But it might not be available because the store’s collection changes every week.

3) A Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper

The Nagasaki Buzzard Attack Chopper is a must-have plane in GTA Online. It has a lot of uses, and CEO skills make it especially useful. It is a chopper with four seats and two machine guns and two rocket launchers on the front. It’s a great way to get around the map and fight enemies.

5 Things You Need to Buy in GTA Online Right Now

When a player signs up as a CEO, the Buzzard Attack Chopper will appear right next to them. Even though it has no protection, the helicopter is a great choice for dogfights in Grand Theft Auto Online because it is easy to move. The starting price for it on the Warstock Cache & Carry website is $2,000,000, and the trade price is $1,750,000.

4) Up-n-Atomizer

In GTA Online in 2023, the Up-n-Atomizer is one of the most overlooked weapons. It is always in the arsenal of experienced players because it is a strong handgun that can throw heavy things into the air.

Even though it doesn’t kill enemies very well, the Up-n-Atomizer’s strong shock wave can temporarily stun someone and send them flying away. It can be used in small fights or to get out of a tough position. After the most recent update to GTA Online, players can buy it for $399,000.

5) Bunker

The Bunker is one of the best businesses in GTA Online, and every new player should try to buy it as soon as possible. It’s a steady way to make money that can make anyone a fortune. The Bunker also lets you get special upgrades for different things that will help you later in the game.

It also gives you access to the Ammu-Nation Contract, one of the best ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto Online. Any of the 11 Bunker sites can be chosen by the player. The price for each place is different and runs from $1,165,000 to $4,070,000.

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