10 Hilarious Minecraft Farms That Will Blow Your Mind

At least in Survival and Hardcore Mode, Minecraft players always need more materials. It’s one of the many reasons why fans build whole fields for items, blocks, and other materials. But some players don’t follow the rules when they plan their farms and end up with some very strange projects. These farms are both useful and beautiful in a very odd way.

Minecraft players show their talent in some pretty strange ways, from simple crop farms to mob farms and beyond. Even the most unusual farms do what they are supposed to do, no matter how they look. You can use them for ideas or copy them exactly as they are.

In the Minecraft community, there are a lot of farms that look pretty strange, and this article names ten of them.

Here are the strangest Minecraft farm ideas you should look at:-

10) Bamboo Farm in a Box

One good thing about bamboo in Minecraft is that it can grow in a lot of different places and situations. This is one reason why bamboo farms can be used in creative ways. This design shows how bamboo can be used in many different ways by putting it in a glass box with green flags.

There’s no reason for bamboo to be grown in a box-like structure, but the hardy plant will do well almost anywhere. The close quarters may make it easy to break the bamboo and gather it.

9) Physics Farm Sword

Even though this Minecraft farm isn’t too different from a normal “entity cramming” design, it uses a very strange part of the way combat works. Specifically, you can kill adult cows by setting up an opening in front of you and putting water in the middle of the farm. This will let the young cows grow to their full size.

Top 10 ridiculous Minecraft farms

This is because the trapdoor stops the sword’s broad attack from being used. This makes this manual farm very efficient and keeps you from killing all the cows inside.

8) Fox House Farm for Chickens

In Minecraft, foxes are known for their ability to kill chickens, which you can use to your advantage in this unusual farm plan. By giving a fox a sword with the spells Looting and Fire Aspect, you can move chickens through an elevator-like system to where the fox is waiting.

The fox’s magical weapon gives more cooked chicken, feathers, and eggs as drops. On top of that, the farm looks nice and might fit well in a town or village.

7) TNT Rocket Firework Creeper Farm

Fans of Minecraft love creeper farms because they drop gunpowder, which can be used to make TNT blocks and rockets that shoot off fireworks, among other things. Since that’s the case, Reddit user u/dfp819 made a creeper farm in the shape of a TNT block on top of a rocket.

Since creepers can only spawn when there is no light, this farm still works perfectly, but it looks very strange.

6) Grandfather Clock at Enderman Farm

Enderman farms are some of the most useful places in Minecraft, both for getting experience and for getting ender pearls. But they usually use the same simple designs that have worked well for years. Redditor u/Je57ix went against the norm with their design by making a huge grandfather clock for the Endermen to live in.

This building wouldn’t look right in the End, and from the outside, you probably wouldn’t even know it was an Enderman farm. No matter what, the design is amazing on its own.

5) Oil Rig Creeper Farm

Creepers don’t need much to spawn in Minecraft, so players have come up with some pretty interesting farm ideas. By surrounding the farm with a steampunk oil rig, u/TheRealMjb2k’s work turns creepers into pure gunpowder drops.

Top 10 ridiculous Minecraft farms

Even though there is no oil in default Minecraft, this gunpowder farm might make you think so, at least for a second.

4) Farm With Turtle-Shaped Eggs and Scutes

Even though scute isn’t the most useful thing in Minecraft, it does have its uses. You can breed turtles for this and other reasons. When the young turtles reach adults, they will drop their scute. Usually, a scute farm can be built on a beach, but u/MHTBT had a different plan in mind.

In particular, they made a cage out of colored concrete that looks like a baby turtle to protect their eggs and collect their scute when the turtles grow up.

3) a Farm for Honeycomb Bees

Most of the time, it’s not hard to make a bee farm. You’re good to go as long as you have a few flowers and some hives or nests. Fans like u/IsNotMe183 took it a step further and made a bee farm that fits the theme but is strange.

This Minecraft farm looks like a set of supersized honeycombs because it has square frames and honey blocks. However, it works as it should to make a lot of honey.

2) Never-Ending Dirt Farm

Dirt isn’t exactly hard to find in Minecraft, since it covers almost all of the Overworld. Even so, Shulkercraft, a person who makes material for games, built one of the strangest farms I’ve seen in a while. Shulkercraft used the power of Redstone to make a machine that makes dirt blocks indefinitely.

What would they do with so much dirt? That depends on them. No matter what, this farm’s idea and style are both very strange.

1) Multi-Farm With 4x4x4

Over the past few years, micro-farms have become more popular among people who play Minecraft. They are especially helpful early on when you don’t have many resources but still need to farm things, even if it’s just a little bit. But u/Xfodude2’s 4x4x4-block tiny farm pushes the idea to its limits with a pretty strange design.

Players can farm more than two dozen crops, materials, and mobs in a very small area on this farm. Even though it looks strange, this build is definitely very useful and effective, especially for its size.

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