7 Fortnite Building Tips That Will Make You a Better Player in Chapter 4 Season 1

If you want to win the game in Fortnite modes that let you build, you almost have to know how to do it right. So, here are some making tips for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 that you need to know.

The Fortnite v23.30 update is now live, and images of the game’s first-person mode came out at the same time. Building will be a little different in this mode, but the basics are still the same, so be sure to review them here with our Fortnite building tips for Chapter 4.

If you like to play the classic build mode of Fortnite, then learning how to build is basically half the battle and will help you win more often.

In Chapter 4 of Fortnite, we have a list of the seven most important building tips you need to know. Let’s look at it.

Select Controller Configuration for Builder Pro

Changing your control method to Builder Pro is one of the most important Fortnite building tips for console players. By doing this, the materials needed to build each structure change, making the process faster and more flexible.

Builder Pro gives each structure its own button, so you don’t have to use the shoulder buttons to switch between the different choices. This saves important time during fights and lets you build quickly once you know how to use the keys.

To change your setup to Builder Pro, just go to the in-game settings before you jump into a match. Scroll over to the controller settings. Under “Controller Configuration” on the left side of the screen, you’ll see Builder Pro.

Building 90s

Let’s begin with one of the most important things. If you’ve played Fortnite for a while, you’ve probably seen people build towers of boxes very quickly. These are called “90s,” and they’re one of the most important building tips for Fortnite.

fortnite building tips for beginners

People like the 90s because they can be built fast and offer protection from all sides. The name comes from the fact that you place four walls, a floor, and a ramp as quickly as possible by jumping and spinning in a circle.

Start with a single ramp and then put up the walls to make the 90s quickly and easily. The next part is a jump, a floor, and a ramp to catch you. Repeat the steps to get to the top quickly.


If you want to hold the high ground, the 90s are good, but what if you need to move sideways? This is where our next important tip for building in Fortnite comes in: digging.

Here, you build a number of connected boxes that protect you from enemy fire and let you move around. It can be used on the ground, but it works best in fights that take place in the air.

To make a box, all you have to do is put down a floor panel and quickly add walls and a roof. The last step is to quickly cut through one of the walls and start over.

Tunneling is a very useful move, whether you need to get away quickly or are trying to push someone.

Cones Are Your Friend

When you’re just starting out, it may seem like walls, ramps, and floors are much more useful than cones. But if you want to be a good maker, you need to know how to use cones right.

Cones are great for stopping opponents who are coming at you. They are hard to build on and hard to get around, so when you have high ground, putting down cones is a good way to force enemies to move.

You can also use them to block the view of enemies above you when you’re building. Skilled players often use a method called “Thwifo Cones,” in which they turn and build walls with cones on top while ramping up.


Boxing has been a popular strategy in Fortnite for a while, but sometimes it’s not clear how to use it well. This is the process of putting your opponent in a box and forcing them to mine or shoot their way out.

fortnite building tips for beginners

If there is an opponent on the other side of your wall, build cones above and below them and walls all around them. When this happens, less skilled players often get scared because they can’t build their way out.

The key to this Fortnite building tip is putting a window in the middle of one of the walls. This gives you cover and lets you shoot into the box at the same time.

If you want to box an opponent who is moving, you should throw down cones first because they have the most reach of any build in Fortnite.

Triple Edits

Building is often thought of as a way to protect yourself, but it can also be a great way to attack. The key is to be able to make quick changes to your own build so you can push opponents while still having some cover.

When you know how to edit well, you can start to do triple changes. For these stairs, you have to quickly build a floor and cone, then edit through them, and then build a wall and edit through it.

By doing this, you can get closer to an opponent who is on higher ground without leaving yourself open. You will still be vulnerable to shots from both sides, though, so be careful when using this method in open areas.

It will take a lot of practice to get good at, as it is one of the more advanced Fortnite building tips that needs very quick reactions.

Use Your Creativity

The last of our Fortnite building tips may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of players don’t use Creative Mode. Here, you can build as much as you want to without the pressure of a real game.

Many of the tips we’ve given will take time to learn, but if you mess up in a fight, you’ll die right away. Because of this, we suggest you use Creative Mode as a safe place.

For more advanced methods like triple edits, it’s all about learning the rhythm and being able to copy it quickly. The only way to learn for sure is to do the action over and over again until you feel safe enough to use it in a real game.

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