What is a Worldcoin? The Crypto Project that Aims to Scan Everyone’s Eyes

What is a Worldcoin? Wondering what Worldcoin has to do with ChatGPT? We try to answer all of your questions about the group that wants to become the largest identity and banking network in the world.

Sam Altman, who started ChatGPT, also started the company Worldcoin. At the heart of Worldcoin is the World ID project, which is a “decentralized, human, privacy-focused internet with global proof of personhood.”

In addition to World ID, you also have Worldcoin, a crypto token, and World App, a mobile app. With the help of World ID and Worldcoin, the company wants to solve two problems: the difference in income and the problem of verifying people’s identities online.

In a nutshell, Worldcoin is a decentralized identity and payment system that verifies users by scanning their eyes.

What is a Worldcoin?

Tools for Humanity, which was started by Alex Blania and OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman, released Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency token built on Ethereum.

The project started in May 2023, and by July 14, more than 2 million people had signed up for it. Altman wants to have 2 billion people, which is a quarter of the world’s population.

What is a Worldcoin?

The company aims to give its users tokens. To become a user, you must sign up on the site and prove that you are a real person, or get a World ID, as the company calls it.

When it comes out, the Worldcoin Token will be able to be sold on crypto exchanges around the world like any other cryptocurrency. Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has already said it will sell the “WLD” token. In addition to Binance, Bybit, Huobi, OKX, and Gate are also trading the currency.

What is a World ID?

The company says that the heart of this project, World ID, is a global identification number that is unique to each person. It will help you prove who you are when using web, mobile, and open apps.

It will be like a digital ticket that you can store on your phone and use to show that you’re not a robot when you try to use services and apps that need authentication. The goal of World ID is to help users prove who they are to third parties without giving out personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, and more.

This kind of ID could help you tell the difference between people and robots made by AI. The company says that AI will soon take over many jobs that used to be done by people. If this happens, World ID will help states and organizations find people and give them money.

ChatGPT is the main offering of one of these companies, OpenAI, which was started by Sam Altman.

Is Using World ID Safe?

Alex Blania, a co-founder of Tools for Humanity, says that the World IDs will be kept on blockchains, which will make them very safe and private. Since Blockchains can’t be controlled, changed, or turned off by a single person, they are seen as very safe ways to store data.

What is a Worldcoin?

To make a World ID, you must give Worldcoin or Tools for Humanity, which is Worldcoin’s parent group, your phone number, email address, and, most importantly, your biometrics. How much you should trust Tools for Humanity with this information is up to you.

How to Get Your World ID?

To get your World ID, you must download the World App, which is a mobile bank.

  • iOS
  • Android

Once you’ve signed up, it’s easy and only takes a few minutes. You don’t have to, but you can add your phone number to your account. This makes it easier to find your phone if you lose it. Though, the app does let you back up your information to Google Drive, which needs your Google account to be linked and verified.

Once that’s done, you can use an eye-scanning physical “orb” to find one of the closest pop-up locations to prove you’re a real person. You can find these pop-up places in the app or on their website.

The website says that these verification orbs are available in 35 places in 20 different countries, and more are coming soon.

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Worldcoin, a decentralized identity and payment system, was founded by Sam Altman and Alex Blania. It aims to solve income inequality and verify people’s identities online. Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency token built on Ethereum, was launched in May 2023 and has already attracted over 2 million users.

The World ID is a unique global identification number used to prove identity without providing personal information. The token can be sold on crypto exchanges like Binance, Bybit, Huobi, OKX, and Gate.

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