Is FouseyTube Gay? Unmasking the Reality Behind His Orientation

Is FouseyTube Gay? Yousef Saleh Erakat, an American who posts videos on YouTube under the name FouseyTube or Fousey, does interviews, skits, and vlogs. He runs two YouTube accounts called Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

Yousef has been taking part in an IRL subathon on Twitch for more than a month. A few days ago, when he was rapping along to a song, he used the N-word.

No matter how many people supported him, the fact that he was shocked and sorry right away softened the blow. This time, the situation is trickier because he is accused of hurting a drunk woman.

People are interested in his personal life, especially his sexuality because he has been in the news for a while. Some people who have thought about his sexuality think he is gay, which has already been said.

Think FouseyTube is gay, too? Or are these stories just not true? Let’s go ahead and read the story so we can find out the truth about the YouTuber’s sexuality.

Who is FouseyTube?

Yousef Saleh Erakat is an American YouTuber and streamer who goes by the name FouseyTube or Fousey. He makes parodies, vlogs, comedy sketches, and interviews. He also has two other channels called Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

FouseyTube Early years

Yousef Erakat was born to Palestinian parents in the California city of Fremont. He has three older brothers and sisters. One of them, Noura Erakat, is a professor of law at Rutgers University.

Is FouseyTube Gay?

Erakat went to San Jose State University and studied theater arts as his main subject. After he graduated in 2013, he went to Los Angeles to try to become an actor.

Is FouseyTube Gay?

FouseyTube is not gay, though. Some people have made up stories about FouseyTube’s sexuality, mostly based on a couple of Instagram stories he shared.

On one slide, he posed playfully in a Barbie-themed photo. In the next, he showed what some people saw as feminine energy by sitting on a box like a girl and dancing with a half-naked guy on the street who looked like an artist.

But it’s important to say that these acts don’t always show what he is like in real life. FouseyTube has been in relationships with women in the past, which should be a more true sign that he is straight.

Who’s FouseyTube Dating?

As of right now, it doesn’t look like FouseyTube is in a public relationship with someone. Also, because of his ongoing problems, he might not say who he is dating for a while.

However, there have been rumors for a long time that he has a secret relationship with fellow YouTube star Lily Singh. According to Vogue India, these stories date back to 2015.

Is FouseyTube Gay?

Even though there have been rumors, neither FouseyTube nor Lily Singh has officially confirmed or rejected these claims. This has made fans and other people curious.

It’s important to remember that celebs tend to keep their personal lives private, so until they say something official, the nature of their relationship will remain a source of speculation and intrigue in the online community.

In the spotlights of their competitors, this year have been many renowned celebrities. There are numerous well-known personalities here, such as Noel Deyzel and Weston Koury. But we think all the questions that our readers had have been covered in our blogs. We trust this clarifies your inquiry concerning the sexual orientation of FouseyTube.

Fousey is Accused of Using a Drunk Woman to His Advantage

Fousey, a YouTuber and Twitch player, was just charged with taking advantage of a woman who was drunk while he was streaming in an airport.

This person was drunk when they started kissing on camera, and she allegedly told the person who made the video that she had been trafficked for s*x. They left the camera on the table and left a short time later.

Yousef “Fousey,” told his fans with joy that he had joined the “mile high club” when he got back, but he later said that it was just a joke. Still, the internet is not all the same. A lot of people are upset with the Twitch streamer who was at an IRL subathon.


Yousef Saleh Erakat, an American YouTuber and streamer known as FouseyTube, has been accused of hurting a drunk woman during an IRL subathon on Twitch.

Erakat, who runs two channels called Fousey and DoseOfFousey, has been in the news for a while, with some people thinking he is gay. FouseyTube has been in relationships with women in the past, but rumors suggest he is not gay.

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