Goku Vs. Kratos: A Battle of Power, Hope, and Fate

Goku Vs. Kratos: Goku from Dragon Ball and Kratos from God of War couldn’t seem more different from each other. But both games and anime fans are interested in the same thing: power. Kratos and Goku are two of the biggest main characters in popular fiction, so it was only a matter of time before they fought to see how far they could push each other.

But unlike most fights between these two fighters, a match between Goku and Kratos doesn’t start out with a clear winner. Both of these characters have been as strong as or stronger than the gods in their own universes. A warrior who has been brave enough to try the limits of the gods might be the best match for each of them.

In God of War, Kratos’s Achievements and Abilities

Kratos is known for killing the Greek Pantheon gods. Basically, Kratos is best at killing gods. So, if you look at what some of the gods in his stories have done, you can get a better idea of how powerful Kratos is.

But he can only use the skills shown in the game series because, even though the gods he fights are based on Greek gods, they also have traits that make them seem different. So, you can’t say that Kratos is killing the real Greek gods from legend.

Still, Kratos’ version of Greece is not a joke, and neither are its gods. Kratos’s strength can be compared to that of Atlas, who was one of the first Titans. Atlas carries the weight of the world on his back in God of War. Kratos was able to push Atlas’ fingers back and stop the giant from crushing him.

Goku Vs. Kratos

In terms of speed, it’s clear that Kratos is faster than the speed of light because he beat Hermes. This is because Hermes was able to avoid Helios’s light, and Kratos can avoid and fight back against Hermes’s hits. Kratos is very strong. He is not immortal, but he has come back from the dead more than once. Kratos was able to fight his way out of the Underworld even after he died.

The gods in Kratos’s world could be said to be eternal, but Kratos uses the power of Hope, which may be his most powerful ability, to get around their immortality and kill them. By opening Pandora’s Box, Kratos was able to take in the power of Hope that Athena had put there because she was afraid it would be used wrongly.

Hope lets Kratos go beyond fate and beat beings who would otherwise be in charge of everything that happens to mortals.

In Dragon Ball, Goku’s Prowess and Unique Abilities

Goku doesn’t kill gods for a living as Kratos does, but he is already much stronger than most of the gods in his world. Gods like Kami and the Kais can only watch in amazement as Goku gains more and more power. Also, his battle with Beerus, the God of Destruction, has helped him do some of his best things so far.

For example, when the two attackers hit each other, they made the vastness of space shake. The Kai’s said that if this happened, the whole universe could be destroyed. Beerus is so strong that he could sneeze and destroy a star, so the fact that Goku could fight him blow for blow shows just how strong he is.

Goku’s latest Ultra Instinct form shows that he is now much stronger than he was in that fight. This means that the Saiyan warrior is in a league of his own.

Goku Vs. Kratos

Goku’s instant transmission ability lets him move very quickly over very long distances in an instant. Not only did Goku beat Hit’s time-skipping, but he was also able to easily avoid Jiren’s hits, which Hit had no chance against. Since Hit’s time skip lets him stop time, this means that Goku can move fast enough to avoid being affected by time manipulation.

Goku isn’t invincible, but in the Dragon Ball series, he has come back from the dead more than once. During his fight with Beerus, Goku was also shown to be able to heal himself from a wound that was almost too bad to live with. This doesn’t seem to be a skill he uses often, and it may have happened by accident.

Not only that but as a Saiyan, Goku often gets Zenkai boosts after being close to death which gives him even more power. In any case, Goku is very tough and hard to kill. Even if you do kill him, that doesn’t mean he won’t come back for a fight.

How Goku and Kratos Match Up?

Both Goku and Kratos are very uneven with how strong and powerful they look. Kratos can kill gods, on the one hand. On the other hand, it’s well known that Kratos has trouble opening normal treasure boxes.

In the same way, Goku can fight with the God of Destruction, but when Krillin hits him in the head with a small rock, it’s clear that he’s scared. These differences seem to give them more human traits so that people can connect to them (or, in Kratos’ case, enjoy playing the game).

Still, Kratos seems to have the upper hand when it comes to pure physical strength. But that has more to do with the fact that Goku can’t lift as much as Kratos. But things get more confusing when you look at who is more powerful overall.

Goku is officially a god now that he has reached the Super Saiyan God form, but that doesn’t mean much to Kratos since he has killed gods before. But Kratos’s experience doesn’t help Goku much either, since their worlds don’t seem to work the same way.

Goku might not have the power of Hope, but he does have some of the best plot protection in anime history. It’s hard to think that anyone could beat Goku in a full-on fight, but Kratos might be one of the few who comes close.

In the end, who wins a fight between the two would likely depend on whose world the fight takes place in. If Goku went to Kratos’ world, Kratos would probably find a way to take Goku’s head, just like he does with every other God.

Kratos has changed a lot since then, so he probably wouldn’t want that to happen if he could help it. On the other hand, if Kratos threatened Goku’s Earth, the Saiyan would not stand for it. But if Goku’s past is any sign, after all the fighting is over, he and Kratos are likely to become friends.

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