10 Amazing Real-World Animals that You Can Encounter in Minecraft

Mobs in Minecraft come in many different styles, sizes, and forms. Some of the creatures are made up of Mojang, while others are based on real-world animals. When it comes to animals, many of the ones in the popular video game work in a way that is similar to how they do in real life. However, some animals have benefits that can only be found in the game.

Many of Minecraft’s animals can be very helpful, so it makes sense that players would want to find them. The animal kingdom is ready and able to help players on their adventures. It can be used to get free items, get help in fights, or just move around.

List the best real-life animals that can be found in Minecraft.

10) Turtles

In Minecraft, turtles take a long time to breed and grow up, just like they do in our world. They love being in the ocean more than anything else. Most of the time, these animals don’t add much to normal gameplay, but they do have one big benefit for players who want to explore underwater areas.

When a baby turtle grows up, it gets rid of its scute. This can be used to make a turtle shell hat, which gives players an extra 10 seconds of breathing time while underwater. You can also use these hats to make a Potion of the Turtle Master.

9) Chickens

Chickens are a great animal to look for in Minecraft because they drop food and useful items. Not only do they lay eggs, but players can also raise them to get raw chicken and feathers, among other things. Even better, you can get more chickens by throwing an egg or giving crop seeds to two birds.

Top 10 real-world animals in Minecraft

Chickens are one of the best mobs to farm early in the game because they can be used for a lot of different things and are easy to breed.

8) Pigs

The pigs in Minecraft are a lot of fun. They are a great place to get pork chops, which are good food at any point in the game. Also, players can use these animals as one of the first ways to get around if they put a collar on them and use a carrot on a stick.

Even though pigs aren’t the fastest ground animals to ride in Minecraft, the fact that you can ride them is a good thing. This is especially true at the beginning of the game.

7) Cows

Cows are important in Minecraft because they can be used to make leather and beef. Even though there are better animal mobs in the popular sandbox game, a good cow farm can give players almost all the leather and beef they need if they also have a good wheat farm.

6) Sheep

A lot of Minecraft players probably think of sheep when they think of “wool production,” but this mob is useful for more than just its fur. When you kill a sheep, it drops mutton, which is one of the best meat-based foods in the vanilla game.

Top 10 real-world animals in Minecraft

Since this is the case and they can be easily bred with wheat, it might not be a bad idea to start a sheep farm early on to get a lot of wool and food for the journey ahead.

5) Cats and ocelots

Different types of cats in Minecraft can be found in towns, while ocelots live in jungle biomes. Once they’ve eaten some raw fish, a player can train them, and they have a few very useful abilities. Not only do these cats sometimes give players things when they sleep in a bed, but they also keep some of the game’s most annoying mobs away.

4) Axolotls

Both in Minecraft and in the real world, axolotls are cute little animals, but they are especially helpful for players in the game world. Most of the time, axolotls fight other watery mobs on their own, but they can also help players fight underwater.

When an axolotl helps a player with aquatic fighting, it can give that player the Regeneration status effect, which slowly heals the player over time.

3) Camels

Camels, which were added to Minecraft in the Trails & Tales update, have turned out to be a very useful way to get around. Even though they aren’t as fast as some animal groups, they can jump over blocks like fences without needing a carpet block. Even better, these creatures can be saddled so that two people can ride them at the same time.

2) Horses

There are many ways to get around the surface of a Minecraft world, and one of the best is on a well-bred horse. If a player doesn’t want to use other rideable mobs or minecarts to get around, a horse can be a very reliable and fast way to get around.

Even better, horses can be given different kinds of armor to keep them from taking too much damage from dangerous mobs nearby.

1) Wolves

Wolves were one of the first animals in Minecraft, and since then, they’ve been one of the most helpful. Once a player has used some tasty bones to tame a wolf, the wolf can become one of their most loyal friends as they travel through their world.

When multiple of these animal mobs are in a player’s group, they are a huge help in the fight. Fans will just have to make sure to feed their wolves to keep them healthy for the fights that are coming.

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