The 10 Best Vehicles in Far Cry 6 and Why You Should Try Them All

10 Best Vehicles In Far Cry 6: Far Cry 6 takes place in the big island country of Yara. Pay attention to the word “spreading.” Traversal is without a doubt one of the most time-consuming problems that players will face in Far Cry 6. Players will finally be able to use fast travel or their wingsuit to get where they need to go, but it’s important to find a good way to ride around Yara to see its beauty.

It can be hard to decide which car to use. Far Cry 6 has a huge number of cars to choose from. Which vehicle works best for each player depends on their play style, but it wouldn’t be a modern Far Cry game if you couldn’t fly around causing trouble in a helicopter.

Far Cry 6 keeps adding more and more cars to its list. There were already a lot of cars in the base game, but many DLC bundles have added even more. Sometimes it’s easy to tell which cars are worth the time and work it takes to find them. This list shows the cars that players will want to use. This update will add five more cars to the list. Some of the best Far Cry 6 DLC-only vehicles will be among them.

10. Omega Enforcer

Far Cry 6 can be a wild, action-packed ride, so it’s important to have a strong, stable car that can be both a defense and an attack. All of these are good things about this heavy-duty military-style truck.

This car will give players a lot of power, especially when they play together. In this situation, the driver can easily run over enemy units and vehicles, and the strong gun on top of the truck can cause a lot of damage. If a player buys the Blood Dragon Set, they can use this beast. When you finish the mission “The Guerrilla,” you can get access to this material.

9. Angelito FW Turbo

This fast, flexible vehicle is perfect for Dani in a wide range of situations because it is a small car, an airplane, and a grenade launcher all in one. This is helpful since players won’t always be able to guess what will happen in the FC6 game, which is fast-paced and crazy.

10 Best Vehicles In Far Cry 6

With the vehicle’s ability to take to the streets or the air ‘on the fly,’ players can get away from enemies on the ground more easily and avoid anti-aircraft guns better.

To get this cool ride, players must find one and take it to a vehicle or airplane pickup place or scan it with Dani’s phone. This car can be found in the Conjunto Guerilla Hideout in Valle de Oro, the Guaracha in El Este, and the Revmira Supply Dock, which is easier to find but less likely to have it.

8. Salacia RHIB Z-600

In FC6, traveling by water is often better and more efficient, and sometimes it is even necessary. So, it’s helpful to have a fast, well-equipped boat on hand, like this one with turrets. Both the Gator and the ‘MI versions are good, but the ‘MI’ version is especially useful because it has both a machine gun on the front and a machine gun on the back. This makes it a great choice for co-op play at sea.

The best place to find this boat is south of the Castillo Senora Tobacco Factory, near Costa Del Mar, on the boat dock.

7. Senor Pinga

Tanks are usually a good way to stop a lot of attacks at once in FC6, especially when Dani can counterattack with her own attacks. And that’s where this cool car comes in. The Pinga isn’t just good at defending, it’s also good at attacking. It has a standard cannon, a twin machine gun, and a machine gun turret.

Players must finish the ‘Heavy Metal’ Yaran story in Madraguda to get this military-style monster.

6. Yami’s 2008 KAG TG

Yami’s 2008 KAG TG is fast and has a lot of defense. It also has weapons on top that the player can use in battle. This battering ram of a car can easily smash through enemy roadblocks and cars, which can help when trying to get away from enemy cars.

After finishing a mission for Yami, who puts on Gran Premio races around Yara, players will get this fast and strong truck. Backseat Driver is the name of the side quest in question.

5. 1952 Kaumbat R-25 WSP

The Kaumbat R-25 WSP from 1952 is an attack chopper that has a machine gun. This vehicle is quick and can easily compete with both cars and flying vehicles. To use this vehicle well, players should get rid of any anti-aircraft guns in the area where they want to fly. These cannons can be a real pain when using vehicles that can fly.

10 Best Vehicles In Far Cry 6

Most of the time, you can find the Kaumbat helicopter around Yara, generally near FND bases or airports. Once this helicopter has been scanned or brought back to a vehicle pickup point, players can call it from any helicopter collection point.

4. 1956 Beaumont “El Presidente”

El Presidente Anton Castillo had the 1956 Beaumont “El Presidente” when he was president. The player will steal things from Castillo a lot in Far Cry 6, but “El Presidente” is one of the coolest things they will get. This car can’t attack or defend, but it’s pretty!

The player can take control of this old car as the story goes on. After a fight with Castillo’s Army, the player will be able to drive away in Castillo’s personal car. You can get it in Esperanza after you finish the Paradise Lost Operation. Driving Anton’s fancy Beaumont around makes the player feel like a real king or queen.

3. 1946 Adjudicor LA-240 CE

The 1946 Adjudicor LA-240 CE has a lot of ammo and strong defenses. This car is one of the best ways to fight enemies because it has a machine gun on the side, a rocket launcher, and a machine gun turret.

You can find this plane all over the map, most often at FND sites or airports near Yara. This car can be unlocked by scanning it with the player’s in-game camera or dropping it off at a vehicle dropoff point.

2. 1944 Petrov HS-100 “Karlito”

In FC6, there are a lot of tanks that can be used to cause trouble, but none are as unique as “Karlito.” The machine gun and cannon on this tank are normal, but it also has a deadly flamethrower. This vehicle’s ability to defend itself also makes it safe to move in places where there are a lot of enemies. The best things about this car are that it is strong and can shoot well. Few opponents can keep up with this strong, fiery tank for long.

You can get this tank by making progress in the main story, and you can drive it after a short battle with El Tigre in the El Este area of Yara. As part of the Harpoon Operation, this takes place at Fort Fontana.

1. Avispa Buzzer

Even though the Avispa Buzzer doesn’t have the armor or sturdiness of a plane or a helicopter, its speed and ability to turn to make it a top-tier air vehicle and the best way to get around Yara. This fun ride can go through the air and water, making it easy for players to move quickly between the different parts of Yara.

One of the coolest things about this one is that you can get it pretty early in the game, even though it is one of the fastest and most useful ways to get around. When you reach the mainland, just go to the Guerrilla Hideout in the western Sierra Perdida. The Avispa Buzzer is also often near Hideout Network bases, and once scanned, it can be called back from any helicopter pickup spot.

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