10 God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks: How to Upgrade Your Weapons, Armor, and Skills

10 God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks: Our God of War Ragnarok tips and tricks will help both new and experienced players get the most out of Kratos’ latest adventure through Norse myths.

They will help with combat, exploration, gear, and more. We had a whole group of people play through Ragnarok and get the Platinum Trophy for completing it 100%.

They helped us come up with a list of 10 tips that will help players not only learn the basics of God of War Ragnarok but also learn some secrets and special tips that even experienced players might not know. Whether you’ve played God of War before or this is your first time, our 10 God of War Ragnarok tips and tricks can help.

1. Smash Any Vases or Hanging Buckets You See to Get Prizes

If you break any vases or hanging buckets you see, they will almost always give you some hack silver, which is the main cash in the game. Only if they give you a health or rage stone instead could they not. You won’t get huge amounts very often, but you’ll always get a steady trickle that will add up over time.

Just make it a habit to break any that you see. On the ground, you’ll only find fancy, thin clay vases. Breaking up boxes and barrels won’t give you anything. You can, however, smash barrels and containers you see while sledding in a way similar to how you do it on a boat to get money and make materials.

You can also find the God of War Ragnarok buried treasure spots for big payouts if you’re determined to get as much as you can.

2. Charge Up Your Leviathan Axe or Blades of Chaos to Do More Damage

Kratos can charge his axe or blades with extra fire or ice damage by holding down or hitting the triangle button. This makes the next hit do more damage from that element. It’s a good habit to get into while fighting because the boost can help a lot.

10 God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks


The time it takes to charge up is a lot shorter than you think, so you’ll have more time to do it than you think. As you gain levels, you’ll also find more ways to charge your guns faster. Take it from us, pressing this edge is a good thing to do.

3. Buy the Elements and Dodging Skills Right Away to Do More Damage

You can give Kratos a skill that does more damage if you hit an enemy who is affected by one element with the opposite element. So if you freeze something and then use the Blades’ fire, your damage will go up. During the game, we found that it can get rid of tough enemies much faster. Just watch for things that are affected by one element and hit them with the other.

You should also get the skill that lets you do a special move while dodging. You’ll be dodging a lot, so even if you don’t learn the details, you’ll often accidentally set them off and take a bit more damage. The backward axe spin is very useful because it can hurt and stop enemies while you move out of the way.

4. Depending on What You’re Facing, Switch Between an Axe and Blades

As a general rule, the Leviathan Axe is best for hitting a single enemy, while the Blades of Chaos are best for attacking multiple enemies at once because of their wide swing. Some foes also have elemental shields that can only be broken by the right weapon.

If the enemy is on fire, use the Leviathan, etc. Learn to switch between weapons fast and on the fly to get the most out of your fights. When you fight with your hands, the stun bar fills up faster, giving you more time to do a big finisher move or even an instant kill.

It might take some time to get used to, but you’ll have the most effect in battle if you move quickly and smoothly between all your options.

5. Choose Your Gear Carefully So It Fits Your Play Style

In the first God of War, armor gave you some basic bonuses and, while there were set bonuses, you could often mix and match pieces to get the results you wanted. In Ragnarok, armor is more focused and made to improve very specific ways of playing.

10 God of War Ragnarok Tips and Tricks

If you wear a full set, the benefits stack and work together. Lunda’s armor is a good example: the chest piece has a chance to poison enemies, while the bracers and belt do more damage to poisoned enemies, and if you wear both, the boost is doubled.

If you need help figuring out what to do, Read more about this in our guide to the Best God of War Ragnarok Armor Sets.

6. Watch the Arrows Around Kratos to Avoid Attacks

When Kratos is in battle, arrows that show up around him show that there are dangers that aren’t on the screen. If you see a yellow arrow, it means that an enemy is nearby and could be coming closer.

If you see a red arrow, it means that the enemy is attacking, and if you see a “purple” (slightly different red) arrow, it means that a projectile is coming your way. The last two are very fast, and you’ll usually need to move away from them as soon as you see them to avoid damage.

7. If You Can Locate Them, Environmental Objects Inflict Severe Injury in Combat

In some places, there will be things that you can hit, throw, or use to do a lot of damage to enemies. Kratos can hit enemies with tree trunks, rocks that can be picked up and thrown, jars that blow up, and more. But some of these don’t really stand out.

For example, you can use tree stumps to freeze a big area and make it almost impossible to see in the middle of it. So take a quick look around the area to see what you can use to hit your enemies.

8. Armor Improvements Are Better Than Brand-new Gear at the Start, but You Should Switch Things Up in the Middle of the Game

When you first start playing, you’ll get more out of your armor and gear if you use your money and resources to improve it instead of replacing it with something new. But you will want to switch at some point, so wait until the middle of the game to improve and then see what your growing options give you.

If you want to know where you are in the game, check out our guide to the length of the God of War: Ragnarok story, which doesn’t give anything away.

9. If You Can, Open Nornir Chests as You See Them

In God of War Ragnarok, Nornir Chests are special rune crates full of loot that can only be opened by smashing, moving, lighting, etc. three items that are hidden around the environment. Nornir Chests usually have good stuff in them, so it’s always a good idea to open them.

However, you won’t always be able to do so the first time, since some require new weapons and skills you get later in the game. Don’t worry though, Atreus or Mimir will usually tell you if you can’t open them yet. Just keep that in mind and come back to it later.

10. Stop by the Huldra Brothers Often to See What’s for Sale

In God of War Ragnarok, upgrade materials are pretty common. The Huldra Brothers’ shop has a pretty big selection of gear and resources, so it’s worth stopping by whenever you get the chance to see what’s there, whether it’s new armor sets or the chance to get more resurrection stones.

They will also have a chest that fills with rare items dropped by enemies you didn’t kill. If the box is glowing blue, open it to see what’s inside.

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