Is Corey Fogelmanis Gay? Let’s Break Down the Rumors

Is Corey Fogelmanis Gay? After playing a gay character in his movie I Wish You All the Best, Corey Fogelmanis has been called gay. In the show, he played a teen who wasn’t a boy or a girl. People are wondering if he is gay in real life because of this.

If you want to find out too, you can keep reading this piece because we will talk about it all.

Who is Corey Fogelmanis?

Corey Shain Fogelmanis was born in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, on August 13, 1999. He was born in the United States and his family is from Latvia.

He is an actor who worked with Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, and Ben Savage on “Girl Meets World,” a family humor show created by April Kelly and Michael Jacobs.

Is Corey Fogelmanis Gay?

Shannon and Dain Fogelmanis, who do not want to be known, raised Corey and his younger sister Baylee in Thousand Oaks. Even when he was in seventh grade, he was already playing in school plays because he loved it so much. In 2011, Corey started taking acting classes in New York City at the Broadway Artists Alliance Intensive Workshops.

Is Corey Fogelmanis Gay?

Yes, Corey has been an official member of the queer group since 2020. He told everyone that he is gay and goes by the letter Q. The Ma actor first talked about it in a June 2020 Instagram post, in which he said he had been hiding it for more than a year.

On his Instagram, he wrote,

“I walked alongside my LGBTQ+ siblings for my first LA pride today. While not my first year identifying with this community (my letter is Q.), I have yet to do anything in the past to further elevate the freedoms and acceptance of queer people in America. And I suppose it was because I didn’t feel like there was anything else to be said. But today, I’m calling bullshit on myself.” Read the full caption…

After he came out, a lot of his fans showed him love and support, but some of his fans were upset by the news. In fact, many of them said that Corey was not gay and that they were just following the crowd to get attention.

He Played a Non-binary Character in a Drama

Fogelmanis was chosen to play one of the main roles in the 2023 movie version of I Wish You All the Best. In the same way, he plays the lead part of Ben De Backer, a non-binary teenage boy whose parents disowned him after he came out.

After being a part of the same people, the actor is more than happy to be playing such a role. He has always wanted to help the gay community, and being part of this movie gives him the chance to do so.

Is Corey Fogelmanis in A Relationship in 2023?

The 23-year-old star isn’t seen with anyone at the moment. He is secretive about his love life, and until now, he has never told anyone who he is dating.

Is Corey Fogelmanis Gay?

Corey likes that his fans are curious about his love life, even though it makes them wonder about him. Aside from that, it hasn’t been long since he came out to the world.

So, it makes sense that most of the time he hasn’t talked about his relationships or partners.

Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard Were Rumored to Be Dating Corey

He was in Girl Meets the World with singer and actor Sabrina Carpenter and actress Rowan Blanchard. After the group became friends, there were rumors that Corey was going out with them.

But it turned out to be false because Sabrina and Rowan are only good friends with Fogelmanis. People thought they were together in real life because their fans liked them together.

Carpenter said in an interview with Seventeen that people often think that Corey and she are dating because of how close they are.

“Oh, my God—I don’t know how many times I’ve had to say that! The thing is, when you’re that comfortable with a best friend, you’ll hug them, jump on their back, and have sleepovers with them. We’re just friends, though…”


Corey Fogelmanis, an actor known for playing a gay character in the movie I Wish You All the Best, has been called gay since 2020. He has been an official member of the queer group since 2020 and goes by the letter Q.

Fogelmanis was chosen to play a non-binary character in the 2023 movie version of the show, Ben De Backer. He has not been seen with anyone at the moment and is secretive about his love life. Rumors of Fogelmanis dating Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard were false, as they are only good friends with Fogelmanis.

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