Is Gio Benitez Relationship With Tommy? The Secrets Behind Their Successful Gay Relationship

Gio Benitez Gay Relationship With Tommy: A gay friendship between American ABC News reporter Gio Benitez and Tommy DiDario is a pretty well-known fact. Besides Tommy, there were rumors that he was dating ABC writer David Muir. If the reports are true, it makes me wonder not only about Muir’s sexuality but also about Gio cheating on his partner.

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Is Gio Benitez Gay?

Yes, Gio is very open about being gay, and he is very proud of it. The journalist/anchor has been involved in the LGBTQ+ community and has been seen fighting for the rights of that group. He is known as one of the most recognized and powerful gay journalists who are proud of who they are.

You might have a lot of questions about his love life, like who he is meeting, his love affairs, whether or not he is married, etc. So, keep reading the piece to find out everything you can about Benitez.

Gio Benitez and David Muir Friends or Partners? Talk About a Relationship

David Muir, who is also a writer and anchor for ABC News, was said to have dated Gio, who is out as gay. The reports started to spread after the two were said to have been seen at gay bars more than once. But neither Gio nor David has said anything about the subject, so none of these reports or claims have been proven.

Gio Benitez Gay Relationship With Tommy

Still, the fact that they haven’t said anything about the rumors has made people doubt them and start to wonder if they are actually dating. Benitez is gay, but we haven’t figured out if Muir is gay or straight yet. He might or might not be gay. People have been wondering about his sexuality more than ever because he is 49 years old and has never been married.

Gio and His Husband Got Married in Miami

Benitez is married to Tommy DiDario, the man he was dating. On April 16, 2016, the couple got married in a warm ceremony in Miami. They’ve been together for more than seven years, and it seems like their relationship is getting better as time goes on.

In 2015, they met on Instagram. After dating for a few months, Gio got down on one knee in front of the Eiffel Tower and asked Tommy to marry him on September 17, 2015.

Also, in an interview with People, DiDario talked about their relationship and said what he does to make their marriage fun and interesting.

“When Gio has to travel for work and has been gone for a few days, I’ve sent flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries to his hotel room to make him smile after a long day. I never want him to forget how much I care about his happiness.”

Gio and Tommy are the best examples of what a gay couple should be like, and their love and understanding have set the bar for every gay couple in the world.

Gio Benitez and His Husband Tommy Didario Love to Travel to Many Locations Around the World

Benitez and Tommy, two popular gay men who are in love, like to spend their time away from work in places like Paris, the National Park Volcán Tenorio, and Montauk. In April 2022, Gio posted a picture of himself and his husband flying over the water in Turks and Caicos. Benitez wrote, “Thanks to my partner in crime,”

“Tommy took me parasailing for the first time and it happened to be over the pristine waters of Turks & Caicos. Magical.”

Gio Benitez Gay Relationship With Tommy

In January 2023, Tommy posted a video of him and his girlfriend snowmobiling in the White River National Forest near Vail on Instagram with the comment, “Snowmobiling with my girl.”

“I spent my last day out west snowmobiling through the beautiful White River National Forest near Vail. It was a winter beauty. Back to New York City and ready to face #2023!”

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Tommy Congratulated Benitez on Becoming Gma Weekends’ Permanent Co-anchor

ABC recently said that the 37-year-old journalist will be one of the regular co-anchors of the Good Morning America Weekends show. This has made him a big news story. He will co-host the show with Janai Norman and Whit Johnson.

During the show, there were many memorable moments, but the most memorable was when Gio’s life partner DiDario came to personally thank him. DiDario gave them a tight hug and told them, “I’m proud of you.” This was as sweet as it gets.

Also, on May 13, 2023, Tommy, a reporter for Extra TV, went on Twitter to tell Gio how much he loved him and praise him on his success.


ABC News reporter Gio Benitez is open about his gay friendship with Tommy DiDario, who is also known for his involvement in the LGBTQ+ community. Rumors suggest that Benitez may be dating ABC writer David Muir, but neither has confirmed the relationship. Benitez is 49 years old and has never been married.

They got married in Miami in 2016, and their relationship has improved over time. They enjoy traveling to various locations around the world, including Paris, the National Park Volcán Tenorio, and Montauk. Benitez has also been confirmed as a regular co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekends, co-hosting with Janai Norman and Whit Johnson.

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