Is David Dobrik Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction About His Sexuality

Is David Dobrik Gay? While “e-celebrities” tend to stay within their own category of fame, a select few popular YouTubers have managed to break out of their niche and into the mainstream.

Lilly Singh has her own late-night TV show as part of an NBC arrangement, and David Dobrik presented a reality TV show in which people competed in a dodgeball tournament. Concerning his sexual orientation and other personal matters, the YouTuber’s audience has long wondered.

Who is David Dobrik?

The Slovak David Dobrik is a well-known personality on the internet. He first became famous on Vine before launching his vlog on YouTube in 2015. His 2019 entrepreneurial endeavor was the creation of the photography app Dispo.

Dobrik has built a following on YouTube as the leader of the group known as The Vlog Squad, which consists of various friends and acquaintances. On July 6, 2022, 19 million people subscribed to Dob rik’s vlog channel, and 7.1 billion videos had been viewed on that channel.

With 2.4 billion views in 2019, the channel was the seventh most popular creator channel on YouTube. Dobrik’s membership in the Vlog Squad has been mired in controversy due to allegations of sexual assault, bullying, and injury against former member Jeff Wittek.

Is David Dobrik Gay?

Several online communities, including Reddit and Twitter, have started discussions on David Dobrik’s sexuality. “Is David Dobrik gay or bisexual?” is a question frequently asked of him.

Is David Dobrik Gay?

Therefore, the short answer to your query is “no.” David does not identify as homosexual, bi, or bi-curious. Rather than ignoring the speculation, the YouTuber decided to dispel it head-on.

In response to my inquiry, he identified as a straight man. David is not gay, as evidenced by his history of dating and his relationship with Liza Koshy. The YouTuber is content with his heterosexuality and has no desire to date guys. As of yet, though, it is unclear who he is seeing. According to numerous sources, he is not currently in a relationship.

David Dobrik’s Past Relationships

The only significant relationship David Dobrik has had was with his wife. Even though he was rumored to be dating a number of women, most of these connections turned out to be baseless.

Just to prove he was wrong about never finding someone, he married his friend’s mother. David Dobrik’s romantic history is detailed in the table below.

Liza Koshy

In his first serious relationship, David Dobrik dated another Vine celebrity, Liza Koshy. Vine was the springboard for both of them to skyrocket to YouTube stardom. Beginning in 2015, David and Liza were an item. There, on the rooftop, they locked their lips for the very first time.

To remember this moment, Liza kept a stone in her pocket. Instead, David gave her a ring featuring the stolen stone as a gift. David made a video in 2018 explaining that he and his wife had broken up the previous year (2017).

According to David, Liza wanted to end things because she felt distanced from him because of their busy schedules. That their relationship was unhealthy was something else he admitted.

Natalie Noel

In 2019, speculation spread that David Dorbik was seeing Natalie Noel, his manager. There were whispers of a romance between these two high school sweethearts the year they produced a joint Christmas card.

Is David Dobrik Gay?

David, however, was quick to state that neither he nor any other member of his crew is now seeing Natalie. To his surprise, he admitted that Natalie is mostly a good friend of his.

David Married Lorraine Nash

David’s 2019 marriage to Lorraine Nash, the mother of his friend Jason Nash, came as a complete surprise to everyone.

It was predicted by the second group that David would never be divorced since no woman would be prepared to spend her entire life with him.

David wrote on Twitter that when a buddy told him he’d never find true love, he hopped on a plane, visited his mother, and tied the knot. David, however, disclosed that she and Lorraine had decided to divorce after only one month of marriage.

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David Dobrik Career

Dobrik made his Vine debut in 2013. Together with Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Jason Nash, and Zane & Heath, he made viral Vine videos. Dobrik was a member of the YouTube collective Second Class before he launched his solo channel. In 2015, Dobrik began posting videos on a channel he simply named “Dobrik.”

David Dobrik launched David Dobrik Too in August 2016 to provide a platform for his blooper clips, challenges, and more overt sponsorships.



David Dobrik is a popular YouTube personality who is known for his vlogs and entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the leader of the group known as The Vlog Squad, which consists of various friends and acquaintances.

He has been mired in controversy due to allegations of sexual assault, bullying, and injury against former member Jeff Wittek. Despite this, Dobrik is not gay and has no desire to date guys. He is not currently in a relationship and has married Lorraine Nash.

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