Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay? How He Met His New Girlfriend After Wham!

Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay? Andrew Ridgeley is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer who is best known for his work in the 1980s with the music band Wham! This year, Fantastic, the first record by Wham!, turns 40, so the musician is working with Netflix to celebrate. George Michael, who died in 2001, is also talked about in the film.

There will be a lot of events to honor Wham, and it is said that there will be a lot of movies that have never been seen before. The media has also found out about the new information, and Andrew has recently said that George felt pressured to do well in school before starting a band.

People are now curious about how well Andrew and George know each other after the comment. In this post, we will talk about Andrew’s personal life and the reports that he is gay.

Who is Andrew Ridgeley?

Andrew John Ridgeley is an English singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer who is best known for his work in the 1980s with the music group Wham!

Ridgeley was born in Windlesham, Surrey, England, to Jennifer John (née Dunlop) (1943-2009) and Alberto Mario Zacharia (1933-2015), who later changed his last name to Ridgeley.

Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay?

His mother was of English and Scottish descent, and his father was of Italian and Egyptian descent. Ridgeley was born in Hertfordshire and grew up in Bushey. He went to Bushey Meads School.

His father worked for Canon and his mother taught at Bushey Heath Primary School. Ridgeley offered to look out for George Michael when he started school.

Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay?

Andrew Ridgeley is not gay, that is a no. Andrew Ridgeley is often thought to be gay because he was friends with George Michael, who was openly gay and in the same band. When Netflix posted the trailer for WHAM! the Netflix documentary, which was made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of WHAM!’s first album and showed memorable moments of the duo, the rumors about his sexuality grew.

But in an honest interview, Andrew said that he didn’t know George was gay when they were together, and he also said that there was no love relationship between them.

Andrew also talked about his last time with George Michael before his untimely death in an exclusive interview with People. He emphasized that despite the reports, they were real friends.

Andrew has also been linked to women in a loving way for most of his life, which is more than enough proof that he is straight.

Who Is Andrew Ridgeley Dating?

In 2022, Andrew Ridgeley began going out with Amanda Cronin. The 60-year-old Wham! singer has made it known that he is dating 45-year-old Amanda Cronin. Andrew Ridgeley’s new love is the super-rich influencer with “the longest legs in Belgravia” who just broke up with the Monaco energy tycoon Mark Daeche.

Is Andrew Ridgeley Gay?

This past weekend, Andrew and Amanda went to Wimbledon for the first time as a pair. It was the first time in front of the cameras that the couple looked like they were in love.

Someone close to Ms. Cronin told the Daily Mail that she has already been on a few dates. “This is their first public performance together, which shows how much they care about each other. Things have moved quickly.

Amanda, who used to be a model, was in the first season of the Channel 4 show The Millionairess and Me. In an interview with the Daily Mail’s Diary in December 2021, Ms. Cronin complained that guys “never get in touch” with her.

“I am looking for love, but I never get approached. She remarked, “I want a man who is kind, passionate, sincere, and authentic, I don’t want to do dating apps – I just believe the right person lands in my life, it always has.”

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Who Did Andrew Ridgeley Date in the Past?

Andrew Ridgeley and Keren Woodward were a famous power couples for 25 years before they got a divorce in 2017. The second one was in the band Wham! with George Michael, while the first one was in the band Bananarama.

After his band Wham! broke up and his solo career didn’t work out, Keren and Andrew Ridgely moved in with her son in Wadebridge, North Cornwall, and started dating.

In 2015, they broke up after being married for 25 years, but soon after, they got back together. The reunion didn’t last long, though, because they broke up again in 2017. Keren said this while advertising Bananarama’s reunion tour.


Andrew Ridgeley, an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Wham!’s first album Fantastic with Netflix. The documentary, which features the band’s first album, is set to air in 2021.

Ridgeley, who was friends with George Michael, is not gay, but he has been linked to women in a loving way for most of his life.

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