Is Cote De Pablo Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction About His Sexuality

Is Cote De Pablo Gay? Cote de Pablo is a Chilean-American actor and singer who is also known as Mara José de Pablo Fernández. She was born in Santiago, Chile.

When she was 10, she moved to the US to try to become an actress. When Cote de Pablo, who was also known as Ziva, quit NCIS after working there for more than ten years, it was a big surprise.

People like Cote de Pablo and other people have been wondering about her sexuality for a long time. Because of this, a lot of people think she is gay. Think Cote de Pablo is a lesbian? Or are these reports completely false? Let’s jump right in and read the story to find out the truth about the actress’s sexuality.

Who is Cote De Pablo?

Cote de Pablo, or Maria José de Pablo Fernández, is a famous Chilean-American actress and singer. She was born in Santiago, Chile, and when she was 10 she moved to the United States, where she learned acting.

At the age of 15, De Pablo co-hosted parts of the Latino talk show Control with the former host of Entertainment Tonight, Carlos Ponce. After that, she went to Carnegie Mellon University to study music and theater.

After playing a few parts on TV, she was cast as the main character Ziva David in the CBS show NCIS in 2005. In 2011, she won an ALMA Award for the role.

Cote De Pablo Early Life

Cote was born to Francisco de Pablo and Maria Olga Fernández in Santiago, Chile. She has a younger sister named Andrea and a DJ brother named Francisco. When de Pablo was 10, her mother got a job at a Spanish-language TV network in Miami, Florida.

Is Cote De Pablo Gay?

While she was there, de Pablo went to Arvida Middle School and New World School of the Arts, where she learned musical theater.

In the fifth grade, she found that many people couldn’t say her first name, “Mara José,” so she asked them to call her “Coté,” which is a popular Chilean nickname for “Mara José.”

Is Cote De Pablo Gay?

No, Cote De Pablo isn’t gay. There has been a lot of talk about the actress’s sexuality because she is so smart and beautiful. Even though she has chosen to keep her private life private, it is important to remember that she has never told the world that she is gay.

Given how pretty and charming she is, it makes sense that people would want to know more about her. But it’s important not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions based on what other people say. Followers often attack the fact that she doesn’t post much on social media, which means they don’t know much about her personal life.

But it’s important to know that Cote de Pablo has only ever been sexual with men, as further research has shown. From these connections, we can assume that she is straight. In the end, it’s important to respect her privacy and recognize how good she is at her job.

Who Is Cote De Pablo Dating?

Cote De Pablo isn’t dating anyone right now. Cote has always kept quiet about her relationships. But there was one person to whom she didn’t think twice about how to show her love. The 33-year-old actress dated the Ecuadorian actor Diego Serrano for 15 long years, starting in 2000.

Is Cote De Pablo Gay?

Cote even made up dreams about getting married to Diego and having a family. The couple broke up after being together for 15 years. The rumors that the pretty actress and her co-star Michael Weatherly fell in love were not backed up by any real proof.

Still, Michael kissed her while she was being cast so he could see if they would work as a pair. So, her rumored relationship on set may have had something to do with the real reason she and her boyfriend broke up. But because there is no evidence, it is still a secret. Also, the actress is still legally available.

Since the actress has never come out as gay, even women who used to like how beautiful Cote was may still have a chance to date her now.

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How Much Money Does Cote De Pablo Have?

It is thought that Cote de Pablo has a net worth of $9 million. She is known for her role as Ziva David on the CBS TV show “NCIS.” Before this, she cohosted the Latin American chat show “Control” and starred in the Fox courtroom thriller “The Jury,” which only ran for a short time.

The movie “The 33” and the miniseries “The Dovekeepers” are two of de Pablo’s other works. Cote’s average salary for an NCIS season was $120,000, but it hit $3 million at one point.


Cote de Pablo, also known as Mara José de Pablo Fernández, is a Chilean-American actress and singer born in Santiago, Chile. She moved to the US at the age of 10 to pursue acting.

At 15, she co-hosted parts of the Latino talk show Control and studied music and theater at Carnegie Mellon University. Cote was cast as Ziva David in the CBS show NCIS in 2005 and won an ALMA Award for the role. Despite being a smart and beautiful actress, Cote has never publicly disclosed her sexuality.

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