Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend? The LSU Outfielder and His Rumored Romance

Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend? Dylan Crews and Louisiana State University (LSU) put on a great show at the College World Series. On June 26, they beat the Florida Gators with an amazing 18-4 win. The Tigers haven’t won the College World Series since 2009 when they won the title.

Carson is getting her start in the working world by doing an internship at Marucci Sports. Before her internship at Marucci Sports, Carson worked as a Fitness Flex Recreational Assistant at MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation). There, she polished her skills and learned a lot.

Carson is a student at LSU and is working hard to get her Sports Administration degree with a focus on Commerce.

Who is Dylan Crews?

Dylan Gray Crews is an American college baseball player for the LSU Tigers. Dylan Crews was born and raised in Central Florida. He went to high school at Lake Mary, where he played baseball for four years on the varsity team.

He was thought to be a top pick for the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft right out of high school, but he turned that down to go to LSU. Crews did well in his first year at the school, ranking high on several Southeastern Conference hitting leaderboards and getting recognition from the media.

Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend?

Crews will have time to have fun before he starts getting ready for Major League Baseball. We think that he will spend time with Jane Carson, the woman he is going to marry. Over the past year, she has shared a few pictures with Crews on Instagram.

Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend?

Carson shares more information on social media, which is obvious. She also posts pictures from her favorite places to visit. Carson went to Omaha as planned to see the College World Series. Crews and his girlfriend will surely think back on this week with fondness.

His Fiancée is Not Featured on Dylan Crews’ Instagram Account

Even though his girlfriend Jane Carlson often posts pictures of them together on her own Instagram account, LSU star Dylan Crews’ page doesn’t seem to have any pictures of her.

Dylan has a busy Instagram account where he posts photos of his daily life, baseball training, and times with friends and teammates. However, there are no photos of Jane on his account, which has raised some eyebrows.

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The Parents of Dylan Crew

Dylan Crews was born in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on February 26, 2002. His parents are George and Kim Crews. Kim Crews, who was born and raised in Plano, Texas, is a skilled registered nurse in the medical field. Kim has finished her studies at Valencia College, which is a big step in her schooling.

She is a qualified nurse on staff at a well-known surgical care center for doctors. George has been the proud owner of a successful industrial printing business since 2007.

Who Is Dylan Crews Girlfriend?

George is a businessman, but he also likes to watch sports. He went to Memphis State for two years and played when he was younger.

George has worked in National Sales for Progressive Communications International for the past nine years. Their kids, a girl named Lyndsee and a son named Dylan, are both good at sports. Lyndsee, the younger sister, used to play volleyball in high school, which shows how good she is and how much she loves the sport.

Lyndsee went to Florida Atlantic University to keep learning after she graduated from Lake Mary High School. Dylan, the bigger brother, wants to get picked in the MLB Draft so he can become a professional baseball player. This family encourages and helps their kids reach their sports goals.


Dylan Crews, an American college baseball player for the LSU Tigers, won the College World Series with an 18-4 win against the Florida Gators. He is currently pursuing a Sports Administration degree at LSU.

Dylan’s girlfriend, Jane Carlson, shares pictures of them on Instagram, but his Instagram account does not feature any pictures of her. Crews’ parents, George and Kim Crews, are businessmen and sports enthusiasts.

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