Is Benji Krol Gay? He Has Dated Both Men and Women in the Past!

Is Benji Krol Gay? Benji Krol, a TikTok star, has been making news not only with his videos but also with his relationships and some controversial things that have happened to him. Whether or not Benji Krol is gay is a question that everyone wants to know the answer to. This article goes into depth about the social media star’s personal life, including his sexuality and other interesting facts.

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Who is Benji Krol?

Benjamin Aleksander “Benji” Krol is a TikToker who is best known for his bright makeup and face painting videos and his “Softboy” style. On his page, he often says “billion” instead of “million” when talking about how many people follow him.

He has often worked with other TikTokers. Nic Kaufmann and Abby Roberts are two of the most well-known. He has also worked with Russian TikToker Liza Anokhina, with whom he sometimes acts like they are related.

In November 2022, Krol, Nic Kaufmann, and Nils Kuesel made a new YouTube page called “LOST” together.

Is Benji Krol Gay?

No, Benji is not a gay man. He is bisexual. In a tweet from 2019, he gave a small hint about how he really felt. Even though he didn’t tell the public directly at the time, his words left little room for question, and fans quickly figured out that he liked people of more than one gender.

Is Benji Krol Gay?

His history of dating also includes relationships with guys, which makes it even harder to figure out what he likes. Many people wondered if he was only gay, but when he finally talked about it in a YouTube video, they knew for sure.

Benji Krol Coming Out Story

When the TikTok star talked about his love life, stories began to spread. When asked about who he liked to date in a 2019 tweet, he couldn’t help but say, “Why is everyone so attractive?” And he couldn’t decide.

This statement shows that the TikTok star is bisexual and is interested in dating both men and women.

In a YouTube movie called “My Dating Life,” he confirms that he is bisexual and gives more details about who he likes to date. The cute social media star has been on quite a trip when it comes to dating.

Benji loves anyone and everyone, and his fans can’t wait to see who wins his heart next.

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Benji Krol Has Dated Both Men and Women in the Past

Benji Krol’s love life has been like a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs and surprises. From his passionate relationship with Antonio Garza, which ran from 2016 to 2019, to his whirlwind relationship with fellow TikTok star Jorge Garay, he has never failed to keep us guessing.

In 2020, their online relationship quickly turned into a real-life romance, but things took a shocking turn when Jorge reportedly left his partner in the hospital, leaving fans speechless.

Is Benji Krol Gay?

Since they broke up, he has kept his dating life a secret, which makes us wonder if he has a secret romance going on. Since the 22-year-old has dated both men and women in the past, it’s clear that he’s comfortable with being gay. This makes him an even more interesting figure in social media and the LGBT community.

Benji Krol’s Allegations About Grooming

In 2020, Benji and his friend JeyJey duo were accused of grooming by a person who didn’t want to be named but said they were 15 years old. The claimed victim went on Twitter to talk about their disturbing experience. They accused the couple of using them for sexual pleasure and manipulating them.

The post quickly went global, getting thousands of likes and shares. This brought attention to the bad side of being famous on TikTok.

Once, He Tried to Kill Himself

He said that a suicide attempt that had nothing to do with the story was the reason why he took so long to respond. Even though he said that some of the explicit FaceTime photos were real, he said that he was uncomfortable and told Jorge that what they were doing was wrong.

He also tried to get people to feel sorry for him by saying he didn’t know the whole story because Jorge had gone home.


Benji Krol, a TikTok star known for his bright makeup and face-painting videos, is bisexual. He has worked with other TikTokers, including Nic Kaufmann and Abby Roberts. Krol’s love life has been a roller coaster, with multiple relationships and controversies.

In 2019, he revealed his bisexuality and expressed interest in dating both men and women. Krol has dated both men and women in the past, making him an interesting figure in the LGBT community.

In 2020, he was accused of grooming by a 15-year-old victim, who went viral. Krol also tried to kill himself, claiming he was uncomfortable with the story and didn’t know the whole story.

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