Is MC Lyte Lesbian? How Did the Rumors Start That He Was Gay?

Is MC Lyte Lesbian? Speculation and rumors about the personal lives of famous personalities, particularly those in the entertainment business, are prevalent. MC Lyte, the legendary rapper and hip-hop pioneer, has been the target of rumors about her sexuality for years. Despite her significant contributions to the music industry, her sexual orientation has been a source of controversy and dispute among her admirers and the media.

In this article, we will delve into the allegations surrounding MC Lyte’s sexuality, study the evidence for and against them and eventually explain why the question of her sexual orientation remains a complex and sensitive issue.

Who is MC Lyte?

American rapper, DJ, actor, and entrepreneur Lana Michele Moorer is better known by her stage name, MC Lyte. One of the earliest successful female rappers, Lyte rose to prominence in the late ’80s with the publication of her debut full-length album, Lyte as a Rock (1988), which received widespread critical praise.

She has put out one EP with Almost September and eight full-length studio albums (her most recent being 2015’s Legend).

MC Lyte Early Life

East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York is where Lana Michele Moorer spent her formative years. She was 12 when she started rapping. Sparkle was MC Lyte’s first stage moniker. She started recording her first song when she was 14, but it wasn’t released for another year.

Is MC Lyte Lesbian? 
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A member of the hip-hop duo Audio Two, she considers Milk Dee and DJ Giz “totally like [her] brothers” due to their shared upbringing. Nat Robinson, the father of the group known as Audio Two, founded the record company First Priority. After Robinson made the label, he made a deal with Atlantic, but only on the condition that Lyte also sign with Atlantic.

Is MC Lyte Lesbian?

She is not a lesbian, but she is quite possibly bisexual. People have been questioning Lyte about her sexuality from the beginning of her career, but she has always managed to avoid answering the subject.

In an interview with TheGrio in 2014, she exclusively discussed her sexual orientation. When questioned by the reporter if she thought hip-hop would ever be accepting of gay rappers, she answered, “I hope so.”

“I will never say never. Kudos is such a corny word but Kudos to [Frank Ocean and Michael Sam] or being able to live their lives out loud. If that’s what they needed to do in order to feel free, so be it.”

People began to speculate after her divorce from her husband that she is homosexual and that is why they split up. However, we can guarantee that this is only gossip and not backed by any hard proof. It’s not that we’re trying to claim she isn’t gay or bisexual; it’s just that this isn’t why they split up.

How Did the Rumors Start That MC Lyte Was Gay?

Moorer dated a few different men before she settled down with John, including the late ’80s rapper Q-Tip. In 2015, though, she was in a strange relationship. She was rumored to be dating Janelle Monae, a female actress, and singer, by numerous outlets. The lesbian couple reportedly first connected during the Black Girls Rock performance on BET.

This is a big reason why many people are under the impression that she is bisexual if not a lesbian.

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Interestingly, in 2018, Janelle announced that she is pansexual, meaning that she is attracted to people of all sexes and gender identities. That MC and Janelle were dating is now virtually confirmed.

Who is MC Lyte Dating?

In early 2023, MC was seen out and about with a person widely believed to be her new boyfriend. The veteran of the music industry reportedly spent the new year with a new man, the identity of whom has remained undisclosed.

Is MC Lyte Lesbian? 

Lana Michele Moorer (aka Lyte) posted a cute photo of herself and her boyfriend cuddling on Instagram. The title itself established without any reasonable doubt that they are a couple. “This is Winning,” it said. I’m all set for 2023.

John and MC Lyte’s Past Married Life

John Wyche was her husband from 2017 to 2023. Her ex-husband is a businessman and Marine Corps veteran. was the site where the two initially connected.

They have been dating for some time before making their engagement announcement in May 2017. At about the same time, someone said, “What can I say, except thank you, Lord!!! It’s been a long time living alone, but I appreciate everyone’s well wishes.


A short time later, in August 2017, the couple tied the knot in front of close friends and family. In Montego Bay, Jamaica, the happy couple exchanged their vows. At her wedding, her best friend and gospel singer Kelly Price sang to her guests.

This Couple Got a Divorce, but Why?

The marriage ended after more than five years. In August 2020, the man behind Lyte as a Rock filed for divorce, citing insurmountable differences as the reason. The divorce was finalized in 2023, but it took a few extra years to get there.

Many began to suspect that MC’s husband was trying to steal her assets because of the lengthy delay in finalizing their divorce.

Later, the DJ used Instagram to set the record straight and clear up any misunderstandings. She wrote that the reason their divorce was delayed was because her husband John wanted to try again, not because he was trying to get free money from her.

Wrapping Up

MC Lyte is a legendary rapper and hip-hop pioneer who has been the target of rumors about her sexuality for years. She is not a lesbian, but she is possibly bisexual. She has always managed to avoid answering the subject, but she hopes hip-hop will be accepting of gay rappers.

MC Lyte is not gay or bisexual, but she was rumored to be dating Janelle Monae in 2015 and was seen with a new boyfriend in 2023. John Wyche and MC Lyte were married for five years, but their divorce was delayed due to insurmountable differences.

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