Is Will Poulter Gay? Here’s What We Know So Far

People are frequently interested in celebrities’ personal life, especially their sexual orientation. Young British actor Will Poulter has been more well-known for his parts in recent blockbusters including “The Maze Runner,” “We’re the Millers,” and “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.”

Some people have wondered if he is gay due to the allegations and speculation surrounding his sexuality. Here, we’ll look at what we know about Will Poulter’s personal life in an effort to address the question, “Is Will Poulter gay?”

Who is Will Poulter?

English actor William Jack Poulter. His breakthrough came in the character of Eustace Scrubb in the 2010 fantasy adventure film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He won the BAFTA Rising Star Award for his leading part in the critically acclaimed 2013 comedy picture We’re the Millers.

Will Poulter Early Life

Poulter is the son of Neil Poulter, a professor of preventive cardiology at Imperial College London, and Caroline (née Barrah), a former nurse who grew up in Kenya.

Is Will Poulter Gay?

He was born on January 28, 1993, in Hammersmith, London. Harrodian School was his alma mater from where such notable actors as George MacKay and Robert Pattinson graduated.

Is Will Poulter Gay?

No, Will Poulter isn’t gay. Even though many internet and communication experts think Will Poulter (@willpoulter) is gay, there is no proof to support these claims. Even though there are those who insist on spreading false rumors that he is gay. Is there anything the star has revealed about her sexuality and the seizures? Okay, let’s find out.

Will Poulter’s sexual orientation be a secret he has kept from the public eye? After his role in Guardians of the Galaxy in the MCU, Will Poulter is constantly asked about his sexuality by fans. If the actor were to come out in 2023, it would be a massive surprise to everyone. Media outlets think he will come out as gay even though he has never done so.

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Will Poulter is widely understood to be gay, despite his lack of an outward declaration of his sexuality. Poulter seems to be straight in real life, thus his sexuality is not a question. Based on his past relationships, it is reasonable to assume that he is heterosexual. Although he is now unmarried, he has been in partnerships in the past.

Who is Will Poulter Dating Now?

The TV star was seen kissing his model girlfriend, Bobby T., in August 2022, despite his reputation for being notoriously private about his romantic life. The two were smiling and laughing as they strolled hand in hand down Sunset Boulevard.

Is Will Poulter Gay?

Even though they haven’t been seen together for a while, Bobby still follows Will on Instagram, so it’s possible that they’re still in touch. There were reports that Will was dating his Midsommar co-star Florence Pugh (@florencepugh) when they were spotted on an all-inclusive trip to Ibiza in 2022. The actress, though, quickly denied the allegations on Instagram. She Wrote,

No, Will Poulter and I are not dating. We went to the beach with our pals, who appear to be farther away from us in the pictures than they are since they have been skillfully chopped out or framed out.

Will Poulter’s Past Relationship

In 2019, Will Poulter was dating Yasmeen Scott (@yasmeenscott), and they had a good relationship. Will and Yasmeen have been sighted out and about together on a few occasions. They held hands and strolled alongside each other while photographers snapped photos. They were very near to one another. However, their history together is yet unknown.

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Will Poulter is not gay, and there is no proof to support false rumors that he is gay. He has kept his sexuality a secret from the public eye. Will Poulter is widely believed to be gay, despite his lack of an outward declaration. He has been in partnerships in the past, including with Yasmeen Scott, Bobby T., and Florence Pugh.

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