Is Carol Burnett Lesbian? The Truth About Her Private Life

Carol Burnett is a popular American actress, comedian, singer, and writer, but she is best known for her variety show “The Carol Burnett Show,” which ran for 11 seasons from 1967 to 1978. Numerous Emmys, Golden Globes, and People’s Choice Awards are just a few of the honors she has received over the course of her impressive career.

Her private life, and notably her sexuality, have been the subject of much suspicion and interest despite her popularity and success. In this article, we will explore the question of whether or not Carol Burnett is homosexual, looking at the evidence and considering other points of view.

Who is Carol Burnett?

American actress, comedian, singer, and author Carol Creighton Burnett. The Carol Burnett Show, which Burnett created and presented, was a pioneering comic variety show for women and one of the first to run on CBS.

She is well-versed in both dramatic and humorous acting, having acted on both stage and screen. She has been honored with multiple awards, including six Primetime Emmys, a Tony, a Grammy, and seven Globes.

Burnett has received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award (2015), the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (2013), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2005).

Carol Burnett Early Life

Carol Creighton Burnett was born on April 26, 1933, at Nix Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. Her parents, Ina Louise (née Creighton), who worked as a press writer for movie companies, and Joseph Thomas Burnett, who worked as a movie theater manager, were her parents.

Is Carol Burnett Lesbian? 
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Mabel Eudora “Mae” Jones (1885-1967) and William Henry “Hank” Creighton (1873-1918) were her paternal grandparents.

The late 1930s saw the separation of her parents. Burnett and her grandma then relocated to a studio apartment close to Burnett’s mom in Hollywood once her parents relocated there. Together with Burnett’s younger half-sister Chrissie, they stayed at a boarding home in a low-income section of Hollywood, California.

Is Carol Burnett Lesbian?

According to Our Research: No, Carol Burnett has never come out as a lesbian, and she is still alive. Even if she may be a closet lesbian, she has never addressed the issue head-on in any public forum. She’s been married three times to males (but that does not mean she’s 100% straight).

There were rumors that she had an affair with her good friend Dame Julie Andrews, but tabloids and gossip spread those. They are not supported by any evidence.

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Carol Burnett’s Dating Life

Carol Burnett First to Present marital status:-

is carol burnett gay

First Wed: On December 15, 1955, Burnett wed her college sweetheart, Don Saroyan. They separated in 1962.

Second Wed: Burnett married TV producer Joe Hamilton on May 4, 1963. Hamilton was the brother of actress Kipp Hamilton and had produced her 1962 Carnegie Hall recital. Hamilton was divorced and had eight children. The Carol Burnett Show was one of the later shows he created. They have three little girls:

Their divorce was finalized in 1984. Carrie’s drug troubles were cited as a contributing factor to their decision to split up, but rather to let that get them down, they used the experience to raise awareness and funds for the facility where Carrie received treatment.

Third Wed: Burnett and Brian Miller tied the knot on November 24, 2001. Miller, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s lead drummer, is 23 years her junior.


Julie Andrews, a Gay Icon, Was Revealed to Kissing Carol Burnett in Front of the First Lady at a 1960s Celebration

On Thursday’s edition of The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Sound of Music star recounted the incident, revealing that it occurred at a charity event hosted at the same hotel as Lyndon B. Johnson’s inauguration.

Julie Andrews and Burnett planned to “do something silly” as a joke while waiting for their friend Mike Nichols to arrive.

“The hotel was pretty packed, but at that hour it was quite quiet,” she said to Kelly Clarkson. We sat down on a sofa beside the elevators to wait for Mike. When Mike got off the elevator, I swear I couldn’t tell you who came up with the idea to make a fool of ourselves. To which the other said, “Well, let’s be kissing or something.”

Is Carol Burnett Lesbian 

When the elevator doors opened, the two celebrities realized that it was “simply packed with Secret Service men,” so they broke off their fun “big embrace” and entered separately. From then on, each elevator “ping” brought in a fresh set of hotel guests, but Mike was nowhere in sight.

Carol is convinced it was Lady Bird Johnson, and Andrews confirmed her suspicions: “Eventually, a lady got out; the lady went down the hall and realized it might be us, and she came back.”

“By this time, Carol was laughing so hard that she went around the back of the sofa we were sitting on because we both had tears running down our faces from being so silly.”

The new First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, was immediately recognized by the ladies when the woman doubled back to approach them. “Excuse me, are you Carol Burnett?” she politely inquired.

In a funny response, Burnett said, “Yes, and this is my friend Mary Poppins.”

Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett were lifelong friends who frequently worked together in the entertainment industry. They worked together on three variety shows between 1962 and 1989, one of which had cake fights between the two of them.


Carol Burnett is a popular American actress, comedian, singer, and author, best known for her variety show “The Carol Burnett Show”. She has been honored with multiple awards and has never come out as a lesbian.

Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett kissed in front of the First Lady at a 1960s charity event, leading to her being recognized by the ladies. Carol Burnett and Julie Andrews were lifelong friends who worked together in the entertainment industry.

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