Astro Moonbin Net Worth: Examining His Earnings and Success

South Korean musician Astro Moonbin has become a household name because of his many talents. He’s in the breakout K-pop boy band Astro, who are making waves all over the world.

Moonbin has become well-known not just as a dancer but also as an actor, having starred in numerous hit dramas. His fame and fortune have naturally piqued the interest of his admirers, who want to know how much he is worth. This article will take a close look at Astro Moonbin’s wealth and revenue streams.

His acting career, music, and sponsorships will all be discussed. We will also discuss his extravagant possessions and lifestyle, such as his expensive vehicles and mansions. So, let’s explore inside Astro Moonbin’s world and learn about his wealth.

Who is Astro Moonbin?

Former South Korean singer, actor, dancer, and model Moon Bin (aka Moonbin) passed away recently. He was signed by the Fantagio record company. The South Korean boy band Astro, of which he was a part, included him in its sub-unit Moonbin & Sanha.

On January 26, 1998, Moonbin entered the world in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province. He earned a degree in Practical Music from Hanlim Multi Art School. Moonbin had a sister named Moon Sua, who is also a member of the popular South Korean girl group Billie.

Astro Moonbin’s Net Worth

Moon Bin had around $2 million in assets at the time of his death. Moon Bin’s success as a K-pop star and an actor provided most of his income. Album sales, live performances, endorsement deals, and other sources accounted for the bulk of his earnings throughout his tenure with Astro.

astro moonbin net worth

Because of his prominence in Korean television and film, Moon Bin probably benefited financially from his acting career. He presumably made money from endorsement deals as well, given his level of renown.

How Did Astro Moonbin Earn His Multimillion-Dollar Wealth?

ASTRO Moonbin’s annual salary as a celebrity in the Korean entertainment business is reportedly between $346,000 and $458,436. The majority of the idol’s fortune comes from his singing, but he has also done well in other fields, such as acting and modeling.

As an ASTRO member, Moonbin has released a total of 14 singles, 10 EPs, 2 single albums, and 3 studio albums. Top-performing albums include “All Light,” “Blue Flame,” “Gateway,” “Switch On,” “Drive to the Starry Road,” and “All Yours.”

Of these albums, “All Yours” is by far ASTRO’s most popular. Sales of over 135,000 copies in one day and over 281,000 copies in the first week are considered remarkable. The album’s first-month sales in South Korea were over 359,000 copies.

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Let’s Have a Look at Astro Moonbin’s Career

As a member of the South Korean boy band ASTRO, Moonbin debuted on the 23rd of February, 2016 under the record label Fantagio. He wasn’t only the group’s singer and dancer, he was the show stopper.

astro moonbin net worth

Released on September 14, 2020, “IN-OUT” is the first mini-album by ASTRO’s first sub-unit, Moonbin & Sanha. Moonbin’s vocals enhanced ASTRO’s “All Light,” “Rise Up,” and “Switch On” albums.

He led the group in both singing and dancing and received a lot of praise for his efforts, especially during the Idol Star Athletics Championships. Moonbin was also a talented actor, having appeared in programs including “Moorim School,” “Luv Pub,” and “Please Don’t Date Him” in addition to his musical endeavors.

He received praise for both his acting abilities and his attractive appearance. In addition to becoming an actress, Moonbin also worked as a model. Even as an adult, he continued to model for magazines and advertisements (including ones for Samsung).

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Because of his height, slim frame, and dashing good features, Moonbin became a fashion icon and model.


Astro Moonbin is a South Korean musician, actor, dancer, and model who has become well-known as a K-pop star and an actor.

His wealth and revenue streams come from his acting career, music, and sponsorships, as well as his extravagant possessions and lifestyle. Astro Moonbin was a popular member of ASTRO, leading the group in singing, dancing, and acting. He also became a fashion icon and model.

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