How To Use YouTube TV Multiview Feature?

YouTube TV has introduced a new multiview feature in time for March Madness that lets users watch up to four streams at once. YouTube TV, which debuted in 2017, is a paid streaming service that provides access to more than 100 cable networks, as well as a library of on-demand movies and television series.

It has a ton of extra features including a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage, account sharing for up to six people, and simultaneous streaming on three devices.

Multiview is a feature that allows viewers to watch many live streams simultaneously on a single screen. Although this function is impractical for viewing television or movies, it is ideal for sports enthusiasts who do not want to miss a minute of their favorite teams’ games, especially when many games are taking place at the same time.

Many streaming providers, notably Fubo TV, have the ability to view many live channels on a single AppleTV screen at the same time.

How To Use YouTube TV Multiview Feature?

YouTube TV users can turn on multiview from a number of different places inside the app. In the ‘Top Picks for You’ area of the Home page, users will first be presented with multiview stream options. Here, viewers need only click on a predetermined multiview stream to begin watching.

How To Use YouTube TV Multiview Feature

From the Home tab, you may access a live game, and from there you can choose to ‘Watch in Multiview.’ The last choice may be found under the ‘Live’ menu. Live games may be seen by clicking the “Watch in Multiview” button. Using the ‘Back’ button on your remote will end the multiview stream and return you to a single screen.

If you have multiview turned on and want to move the audio and/or subtitles to a different channel, you may do so by highlighting the channel using the remote’s direction pad. A white bar will surround the current audio view for users. While in multiview mode, users can expand any one channel to fill the screen.

To do so, use the remote’s directional pad to choose the desired channel, and then click the ‘choose’ button to activate the feature. To get back to the original multiview configuration, use the “Back” button.

Fans of college basketball may get the most out of the tournament by watching four games at once using multiview, but there are a few things to keep in mind before diving in. Those using the web or mobile applications will not be able to use the multiview capability until YouTube TV for smart TVs and streaming media devices become available.

Additionally, as of March 2023, multiview is still being rolled out to YouTube TV viewers, and the company has stated that it would take “several months” until it is available to all users worldwide.

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