The Truth Behind the Rumors: Is Alison Victoria Lesbian?

If you’ve been following the most recent season of Windy City Rehab, you know that host Alison Victoria has experienced a great deal of workplace drama over the past year or so. She and Donovan Eckhardt, her (ex) primary contractor, were involved in a series of lawsuits that led to the end of their professional relationship.

Since Alison has previously referred to Donovan as her “work husband,” we can’t help but wonder if she also has, or ever has had, a “real life” husband. Does anyone know if the HGTV celebrity tied the knot? Does she still have her husband? There are also sexual assault allegations against Alison. What we know is as follows.

Who is Alison Victoria?

Alison Victoria is an American television host, actress, and interior designer. She adored the cityscape and architecture of her hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In 1999, she uprooted her life and headed to Sin City in pursuit of an education at the University of Nevada.

After finishing college, she found work as Christopher Homes’ interior designer. She then went into business for herself as an interior decorator not long after that. Victoria’s prominence stems from her roles as host of “Windy City Rehab” and other such programs.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian?

Alison Victoria is not a lesbian. Recent speculation has focused on the sexual orientation of Alison Victoria. Some have speculated that she is lesbian, but our research has shown that this is not the case. In 2013, Alison tied the knot with a man named Luke Harding. They remained a couple for quite some time.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian?
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Keep in mind, too, that Alison is a very private person who doesn’t like to share details about her life. It’s fine that we don’t know much about her personal life, especially her sexual life. We have no business making assumptions about her sexual orientation or intruding on her personal life. Until Alison confirms it, we shouldn’t take anything that people are saying about it seriously.

Who Is Alison Victoria Dating?

In April of 2023, Alison Victoria became a single woman. It appears that Alison Victoria married a man called Luke Harding, according to online records. In an article for Chicago Splash published in 2014, Alison discussed her relationship with Chicago insurance agent Luke.

They tied the knot in November 2013 after meeting on in 2011. In her own words, “I married Luke because he was the guy who liked me the most.” As his friends put it, “He’s super proud.” It turns out, however, that Alison and Luke are no longer married, according to the additional online investigation. Alison, the HGTV star, prefers to keep her romantic life under wraps, as anyone who follows her on social media can attest.

She has strong feelings for her brother and family but is reticent to discuss her own interpersonal interactions. We were therefore taken aback to learn that she apparently has a boyfriend.

Does Alison Victoria Have a Daughter?

There is no daughter in Alison’s family. The revelation that the presenter of Windy City Rehab had a daughter whose identity hasn’t been made public caused some bewilderment among viewers. Alison, however, does not share her life with any offspring.

Is Alison Victoria Lesbian

She’s my niece,” Alison had told a curious Instagram follower. Unfortunately, I am childless. Weird writing is the norm for humans. Alison loves showing her nephews and nieces images of her, and she takes great pride in the relationship. It’s clear from her Instagram posts that she has a strong bond with her family, especially her brother and his offspring.

How Long Has Michael Marks Been Dating Alison Victoria?

According to a single piece of media, Alison Victoria has been dating Michael Marks for quite some time. Alison told People that she and her partner Michael Marks positive outlook on life during that difficult year was bolstered by their family and friends.

She explains, “I focus on what I can do rather than what I can’t.” If you dwell on your limitations, you will plunge into a black hole from which there is no escape. Nowhere in my life have I ever given permission to go. I gave it a once over and quickly concluded, “That’s not for you.” No one gets this far only to give up. You didn’t make it this far to give up, now, did you?

Alison doesn’t seem to discuss much her relationship online, but there are plenty of photos of her and Mark that can be found with a quick Google search. It makes it reasonable that Alison would prefer to keep her personal life under wraps.


Her separation from “work husband” Donovan was not an ending in the romantic sense, but it was nevertheless a separation. The divorces of my pals weren’t quite as awful as this one.


Alison Victoria is an American television host, actress, and interior designer who has experienced workplace drama and sexual assault allegations. She is not a lesbian, but she tied the knot with a man named Luke Harding in 2013.

She is a very private person who doesn’t like to share details about her personal life, especially her sexual life. In April of 2023, she became a single woman and married a man called Luke Harding, according to online records. Alison Victoria and Luke are no longer married, but Alison has strong feelings for her brother and family and is reticent to discuss her romantic life.

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