‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Ending Explained: Does Maciek Learn Anything About Nina and Janek?

The storyline of “Tonight you’re sleeping with me,” a love drama from Poland, is as formulaic as it gets. Already in the opening few seconds of the film, it’s clear that Nina and Maciek’s marriage was rocky. She made an attempt, but he never paid attention to her.

As this was happening, Nina remained in denial and continued to think that her husband showed his love in secret. Maciek expected Nina to take care of their children and the household even though they were both working.

Maciek was difficult to work with even on days when Nina was overloaded. Nina did not understand how far away she and Maciek had become until her ex-lover, Janek, came back into her life.

‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Plot synopsis

Nina, her husband Maciek, and their kids Lena and Zuzia are introduced in the film. There’s hardly much chemistry between Nina and Maciek in their early exchanges. Nina is a journalist who works at a newspaper where she frequently sees Janek, who recently started working there as well. It turns out he is her ex-boyfriend, and a flashback describes how they first met.

Maciek consistently disregards Nina, giving little consideration to her requests and spending even less time with her, while Janek and she carry on meaningful conversations and seem to have a lot in common. Maciek even rushes out to Iceland to avoid taking responsibility, which infuriates Nina. He then leaves her to manage the household on her own.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me ending explained

Spending more time together at work, Nina and Janek realize that they are better suited to one another. Sooner or later, Zuzia’s health starts to fail. Nina calls Maciek for help after she can’t locate a first aid box, but he says he has left with it. He seems pretty unconcerned about his sick daughter.

As a result, Nina dials Janek and requests that he bring her some medication. Once Maciek hears his daughters’ reports about Janek, he becomes worried.

Her mother is upset with her because she did not contact her rather than him. Furthermore, he becomes friendly with the couple’s two young daughters. After much resistance, Nina and Janek give in to their sexual desires and have sex. Maciek develops a skepticism of the pair.

An emotional dialogue ensues, during which she explains that there is no way for them to escape because of her family obligations. A child’s bedroom will be constructed at his home, he assures her.

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Nina informs her mother that she has fallen in love, who urges her to ‘fall out of it’. She reasons that if she stays with her family, she will be the only one to suffer the consequences of her actions, while if she departs, everyone will suffer. Nina encourages Janek to accept a position with a rival company because she needs to get some emotional distance from him.

‘Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me’ Ending Explained

Nina’s Dad Gives Her Some Advice, and Here It is

Nina has a talk with her mom and then decides to ask her dad for some advice when he pays them a visit. He tells her that he faced a similar choice in the past, but ultimately decided to remain with his family. He questions whether or not he made the “correct option” when Nina says so.

Although though she insists that the kids’ joy is paramount, he wonders how they can be content if their parents are miserable. To her mind, they certainly can.

Tonight You're Sleeping With Me ending explained

He probes her about her own youth, inquiring whether or not she had a good time. When she explains that her mother was tough on him, he understands why she wasn’t.

Does Maciek Learn Anything About Nina and Janek?

Janek eventually finds Nina, and despite her reservations, the two end up sleeping together once more. She has no idea that Maciek is on call, though. As he hears the couple passionately making love, he feels a crushing sadness. He uses a video chat with Nina to confront her about the affair, and he ends up in tears.

Although Nina did not feel comfortable having this conversation over the phone, she flies to Iceland to explain everything in person. After Maciek’s discovery, she decides quickly to tell Janek about her trip to Iceland.


Who Does Nina Choose in the End? Is It Maciek or Janek?

Maciek rescues a person from a crack where they had fallen. He calls for assistance, and they instruct him to wait before acting. While Nina is on her way to meet him, he decides to lend a hand on his own. While he is down the ladder, he, too, falls.

When Nina finally reaches the hospital, she discovers that dad is in a vegetative state. It’s a betrayal for Janek that she contacts him and says she wants to stay there. Eventually, he approaches her and offers to take some time apart so that she can focus on other things. On the other hand, he will be there regardless of what she ultimately chooses to do.

Maciek wakes up and explains to Nina that he has everything figured out and that he missed her while he was gone. As for his feelings for her, he insists he hasn’t lost them.

She notices that he has lost sensation in his hand and assures him that everything will be OK. In the final scene, Nina takes a stroll outside and mulls over her options. She never makes a final decision between Maciek and Janek, and the film ends without resolution.

Wrapping Up

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