Playing Penny Slots at the Online Casino – How to Improve your Win Rate

There are few games that capture the true spirit of casino gaming like penny slots. Forget the super-serious poker players sweating it out with their bluffs and double bluffs, or the high rollers chancing thousands on the turn of a card at baccarat. Penny slots scream fun. You might win a little, you’ll probably lose a little, but that is of secondary interest to having a good time.

Penny slots are something of an institution at US casinos, and are just as popular online. You might think there is no way to play strategically as each spin of the reels is impossible to influence. That’s only partially true. Granted, the symbols that come up on each spin are random and there’s no strategic tip that will increase the likelihood of a matching row. But that doesn’t eliminate other strategic calls you can make.

Place the max bet

The main attraction of penny slots is the low wager amount. However, if you place the minimum bet, you will miss out on the best winning opportunities. Most penny slots have extra features like bonuses, and some even have progressive jackpots – more on those in a moment. However, it is usually the case that you only open up a chance at these if you place the maximum bet.

This is common to many slot games, but while some have max bets that are in serious high roller territory, with penny slots, even the maximum bet is usually a modest amount that will not hit your bankroll too heavily.

Play online

Penny slots don’t have the best Return to Player (RTP) compared with other casino games like baccarat, video poker, or even other video slots. That’s to be expected given the low stakes wagering. However, while the RTP in a physical casino will usually be less than 90 percent, online casinos have lower overheads and so you will find games with RTP as high as 95 percent.

Make use of bonuses

Online casinos are famous for their bonus offers. The market is highly competitive, so every casino does all it can to tempt players through its virtual doors. Free spins are commonly offered at US casino sites, but it is important to check the terms carefully.

The bonuses are typically restricted to specific games and have other conditions attached. A comparison site such as Gamble Online ( is a useful and impartial resource for comparing US online casinos and what they have to offer.

Look out for progressive jackpots

A progressive jackpot is a separate prize pot that grows a little every time someone plays the game. It will keep growing until somebody wins it, and you never know when that will happen. Progressive jackpots can reach seriously life-changing sums.

To be in with a chance, you usually need to place the maximum bet, as mentioned earlier. Don’t be under any illusion, the chances of getting lucky are astronomically long – right up there with buying a winning lotto ticket. But nevertheless, playing a penny slot with a progressive jackpot is a way to give it a try without having to place a large stake, as you would on other jackpot slots.

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