Upon the Boy’s Coming Out, His Parents and Brother Beat Him!

A 16-year-old British teenager claimed he was in mortal danger after coming out as gay to his parents and older brother, who then began beating him.

The case was heard this week in the North West England town of Blackburn at the Blackburn Magistrates Court. The anonymous victim told the Lancashire Telegraph that his parents had encouraged the beating by telling them he “might be changed.” The sibling was also involved in the assault, the newspaper reports.

Assistant District Attorney Saleema Chaudhry said, “At the time, he informed his mum he was terrified, but she disregarded him.” He claims to have doubts about whether or not his parents realized the gravity of their actions.

The victim, who is of South Asian ancestry, claimed he was hopeful that he might have a healthy connection with his parents after coming out. Following the incident, he stated in his victim impact statement that he was afraid his family would continue to use violence against him if he didn’t leave the region. He’s been placed in temporary foster care.

According to Chaudhry, despite his initial sadness, he is now relieved to have his true identity recognized. The prosecution argued that the boy’s assaults were both homophobic and honor crimes. The victim’s family has all admitted guilt for the assault charges.

Aftab Bakhat, the family’s attorney, said the boy’s wounds weren’t serious.

He remarked that the pre-sentence reports made it evident that the defendants had “entrenched ideas” that needed to be addressed. To which I reply, “Their kid has come out as gay, and they have behaved in a disgusting, cruel, and violent way, which is going to psychologically harm his own son.”

Peter King, the brother’s attorney, testified that his client felt obligated to protect his younger sibling and was lured into the assault out of loyalty to his parents. The day “he chose to support his parents, not because he thought his brother was adopting the wrong route ahead, but out of devotion,” King added.

All three offenders were given community sentences by Judge Alex Boyd, who noted that the victim’s sexual orientation had contributed to the defendants’ hatred. A victim surcharge of £114 ($137) and court costs of £100 ($121) was assessed against each defendant. Additionally, they were issued a restraining order that forbids them from having any contact with the victim for a period of 18 months.

A 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement was placed on the father, while a 20-day requirement was placed on the mother. Both of them were given a community service sentence of 200 hours. The brother was sentenced to 80 hours of community service and 20 days of rehabilitative activities.

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