Who is Jose Antonio Caraballo? What Happened With His Girlfriend?

Who is Jose Antonio Caraballo: Jose Caraballo, the murder suspect, was captured in Southern Oregon. In this piece, I’d want to take a closer look at Jose Antonio Caraballo and the case of the murder of Kathryn Muhlbach.

Who is Jose Antonio Caraballo?

Police found 27-year-old Kathryn Muhlbach’s body on December 9 in the afternoon. Jose Antonio Caraballo, 43, was identified as the prime suspect in the Muhlbach murder by the Portland Police Department.

A federal arrest warrant for Caraballo’s second-degree murder charge was issued in the days that followed (domestic violence). Caraballo’s ties to the states of Oregon, California, and Mexico were known to investigators.

But on the 23rd of December, Caraballo was captured in Southern Oregon and brought into the custody of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. It appears that Caraballo has settled on Multnomah County as his new home.

When Jose Antonio became a suspect in a second-degree murder case, rumors spread that a nationwide warrant had been issued for his arrest. Powell Butte Nature Park is located in the 16000 block of Southeast Powell Boulevard in Portland, and at 3:16 p.m. on December 9, police from the East Precinct of the Portland Police Bureau responded to a complaint of a body being present there.

Press Statement About the murder

According to a press release issued by the Portland Police Bureau, officers from the East Precinct were called to Powell Butte Nature Park in the 16000 block of Southeast Powell Boulevard on December 9 at around 3:16 p.m. to investigate a complaint of a body having been located in the park. A female adult was found by first responders, and she was later recognized as Muhlbach. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

There were “strange circumstances” surrounding the victim’s death, therefore the Portland Police Homicide Unit was dispatched to the scene.

Kathryn Muhlbach Cause of death

The medical examiner’s office’s examination, according to the announcement, established that Muhlbach’s death was a homicide and that “homicidal violence” was the cause of death. Officials withheld information about Muhlbach’s injuries, the position of her body in the park, and the identity of the person who discovered her body and called the police.

Police said that when Muhlbach passed away, Caraballo allegedly departed the Portland area. Although his last known address was inside the city limits of Portland, investigators claim that he is known to have friends in other parts of Oregon as well as California and Mexico. The older sister of Muhlbach Jen Keller allegedly told San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV that Muhlbach’s passing surprised their family.

Keller allegedly told the station, “The agony is great, and we’re just in shock,” according to reports. It hurts. It aches. Earth has changed over time. Everything seems to have changed.

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