Where is Edp445 Now? Latest Information!

Where is edp445 now: In 2022, when this story takes place, EDP445 has become a phenomenon, present on essentially every major social media platform. The craze didn’t last long, and no one knows anything about EDP445, not even if they’re still alive or where they are. Let’s investigate what went down with EDP445 that has everyone wondering if he’s okay and where he is now.

Who is EDP445?

Moreland got well-known on YouTube thanks to his wildly popular user name, “EDP445”. In less than ten years, he amassed more than two million followers.

The majority of EDP445’s posts were comedic, centered on his bold personality, and boasted about how much he loved the Philadelphia Eagles. The once-obscure YouTuber is now widely known and respected.

He was a guest on Howard Stern’s radio show once, and in 2014, he had an appearance on Comedy Central. Around that time, he received an invitation to appear on Daniel Tosh’s show, Tosh.0. In April of 2021, however, things went horribly wrong when the media star was caught in a sexually suggestive pose.

Is EDP445 Dead?

Since no credible news outlets have reported EDP445 dead, the short answer to the question “Is EDP445 Dead?” is no. EDP445 is a YouTuber whose work and personal experiences caused a stir among his fellow creators and Internet consumers.

But if he was so famous, why do people keep wondering if EDP445 is dead when it hasn’t been confirmed? After what occurred to EDP445, EDP445’s fame gradually faded away. Most video-sharing platforms have removed EDP445 since it was taken down, so now there is a vacuum. There was an immediate flurry of inquiries as to EDP445’s well-being from those who had no idea what had happened to them.

Where is EDP445 Now?

While active on YouTube and other social media sites, EDP445 revealed that he was from Bakersfield, California; however, his current whereabouts are unknown. Fans of EDP445 started wondering if he was still alive and where he went after he mysteriously vanished from YouTube and other video-sharing social media platforms in April 2021.

Recently, EDP445 was found uploading videos to TikTok, but many users anticipate that he will be banned from the platform shortly.

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Just what were the charges leveled against him?

His inappropriate interactions with minors online were exposed by a group calling themselves the Predator Poachers. The 31-year-old acknowledged talking to a juvenile, and it was reported that he had planned to meet up with the teen. The 13-year-old was a sham used by the Predator Poachers to demonstrate the YouTuber’s bad taste.

They went on to reveal that they were the ones behind the fictitious 13-year account. old’s The communication logs between Moreland and the young teen were also made public. The Predator Poachers spilled the beans in a video that has since been removed from YouTube.

The viral star allegedly used his verified Instagram account to send sexually explicit photographs and messages to the youngster. His visage has since been the subject of numerous reaction memes. Eventually, YouTube removed Moreland’s channel and all of his other accounts as the claims gathered traction.


Other social media accounts were shut down, and he was forbidden from using them. It is fair to say that EDP445’s reputation on YouTube has suffered since 2021.

When EDP445 was banned from YouTube, what happened to him?

For some time after his wrongdoing came to light, the content producer disappeared from social media, leaving people to wonder what he was up to. Other YouTubers have theorized that he now works as a delivery man or a Lyft driver.

However, it seems that none of the preceding hypotheses hold water. When it comes to online communities, EDP445 has not disappeared. A number of popular social media sites are blocked in the content creator’s country, yet he has nonetheless managed to join the online community. Moreland has been seen making content and rebranding himself on the Livestream app Bigo.

Some parents and teachers have complained about Moreland’s alleged overt interactivity with children on the app.


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