Find Out How Much Jim Duggan is Worth and Where He is Now?

What Is Jim Duggan Net Worth: American professional wrestler James Edward Duggan Jr. is better known by his ring moniker, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. As of right now, he is under contract with WWE as a member of the Legends division. In his most famous role, he plays an American patriot who wields a 24, yells “Hooo!” in battle, and leads a U.S.A. cheer.

Duggan won the first Royal Rumble match in 1988 in what is now the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) promotion, and he also held the titles of United States Heavyweight Champion and World Television Champion in the defunct World Championship Wrestling promotion. He formerly held the IWA World Heavyweight Championship in wrestling, a title he won once. In 2011, Duggan became a member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

What Is Jim Duggan Net Worth?

Hacksaw Pro wrestler Jim Duggan of the United States has a $2 million fortune. Hacksaw Jim Duggan was an athletic superstar in high school. He was a native of Glen Falls, New York. He went on to play football at Southern Methodist University, where he earned four varsity letters in football, track, wrestling, and basketball.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Applied Plant Biology and immediately signed with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. Since he had ongoing knee problems, the team decided to let him go. His professional wrestling career began in 1979 when he competed for Mid-South Wrestling and the Universal Wrestling Federation.

Vince McMahon, Sr. noticed him, and in 1987 he debuted with the World Wrestling Federation. He continued to wrestle for the WWF into the early ’90s, even after winning the inaugural “Royal Rumble” in 1988.

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He first joined the WCW in 1994, but his career was cut short when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. In 1998, he came back. Since then, he has vacillated between wrestling for World Wrestling Entertainment and the independent circuit.

Where is Hacksaw Jim Duggan now?

The former WCW World Television Champion needed immediate surgery and was admitted to the hospital. Duggan, thankfully, survived and is now on the road to rehabilitation. On October 20, 2021, Duggan’s wife shared a post saying that the legend was getting ready for surgery and asking for best wishes. It is yet unknown why the operation was performed.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan has done a lot for professional wrestling, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Jim Duggan Personal life

Duggan and his wife, Debra, are parents to two daughters, Celia and Rebecca. Willie Robertson, the owner of Duck Commander, is a close friend of his.

New Jersey State Police pulled over Duggan and The Iron Sheik on their way to a 1987 WWF event because they thought Duggan had been drinking. After a thorough investigation of the vehicle and its occupants, it was determined that Duggan was intoxicated with beer and marijuana, while Vaziri was high on cocaine.

There was also some cocaine present in the automobile, but just very slightly. Unlike Duggan, who was given a full unconditional discharge, Vaziri was placed on probation for a year.


When it was revealed that two in-ring opponents were partying together, a scandal ensued, which led to the termination of the angle, the Sheik’s dismissal, and Duggan’s temporary departure from the WWF. In little time at all, Duggan was back in the ring.

Jim Duggan Career

Early career (1979–1982)

The professional wrestler Fritz Von Erich was instrumental in Duggan’s entrance into the wrestling industry. Duggan was visiting SMU for a recruiting tour when he ran into Duggan. In 1979, Duggan faced Gino Hernandez in his first professional bout. Duggan started off as an antagonist. Vince McMahon, Sr. and the World Wrestling Federation saw Duggan after he trained in the Dallas, Texas Sportatorium and with Samoan wrestling promoter Peter Maivia (WWF).

Universal Wrestling Federation (1982–1986)

Duggan debuted in Mid-South Wrestling in 1982. A part of the Rat Pack alongside Ted DiBiase, Matt Bourne, and Mr. Olympia, Duggan debuted as a heel and bounty hunter for Skandor Akbar. Duggan and “Hacksaw” Butch Reed had a personal dispute after Reed’s introduction to the promotion. Reed, Magnum T. A., and the Junkyard Dog were just a few of the celebrities with whom the Rats had beef.

At the time, Duggan wore a gorilla outfit to the Louisiana State Fair and interfered in a bout between Ted DiBiase and JYD, leading to JYD losing a “Loser Leaves Town” match in Shreveport. Duggan became a face for the first time in his career after refusing to join DiBiase in his alliance with Skandor Akbar. For the first time, Duggan was seen in public with his now-iconic 2×4.

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