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Ralph Edward Tresvant is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer. He is best known as the lead singer of the R&B group New Edition. Tresvant came out with the album Ralph Tresvant as a solo artist. In 2008, he started touring with Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill as Heads of State, a new group.

Ralph Tresvant Quick Info

Real Name Ralph Edward Tresvant
Date of Birth: May 16, 1968 (54 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.72 m)
Profession: Singer, Record producer, Actor
Net Worth: $8 Million

What is the Net Worth of Ralph Tresvant?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American tenor singer Ralph Tresvant has a net worth of $8 million. Ralph Tresvant has a lot of money because he is one of the lead singers in the Boston R&B group New Edition. Ralph was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on May 16, 1968. On September 18, 2004, he married Amber Serrano, and the two of them now live in Acworth, Georgia.

Tresvant is now signed to Geffen Records and Interscope Records. On September 27, 2008, he began touring with Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill as part of a new group called Heads of State. He has also been very busy with his solo work. On March 7, 2006, he put out his third solo album, Rizz-Wa-Faire.

Personal Life: Who is Ralph Tresvant’s Current Wife?

In 1993, Relph Tresvant wed Shelly, his childhood sweetheart. Mariah and Na’Quelle, the couple’s two daughters, were born into the world. According to some reports, Tresvant was a playboy, while Shelly was a drug addict. They were only together for a short time before divorcing in 1996. Ralph Tresvant Jr. was born to them as well before the couple divorced.

Ralph Tresvant Net Worth

On September 18, 2004, virtual artist and visual artist, Tresvant married Amber Serrano, a longtime supporter. Additionally, Amber is the proprietor of the Divine Inner Vision agency and has appeared in The New Edition Story, a documentary about the band, as well as the well-known comedy House Party.

Take a Look at Ralph Tresvant Early Life!

On May 16, 1968, Ralph Edward Tresvant was born in Boston, Massachusetts’ Roxbury district. Parents Patricia Tresvant and Ralph Hall brought him up. Along with his two younger brothers, Andre and LaTonya, Tresvant grew up.

Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, and Michael Bivins became close friends with him while he was a high school student, and the group started appearing together at local talent showcases at a young age. At that time, they were discovered by Brooke Payne, a rising local producer, and composer, who later assisted them in pursuing their musical career.

Ralph Tresvant’s Instagram Account

As of November 2022, he has 296k Followers, on his Instagram account. You can check out his latest post on Instagram here:

Ralph Tresvant Career: How Did He Become So Famous?

Brooke Payne gave Ricky, Bobby, and Michael the chance to audition, and he gave them the moniker “New Edition,” denoting that they were the sixth member of the Jackson 5 overall.

They attracted Maurice Starr’s notice right away, and he signed them to his own record label, Streetwise Records. With the aid of this ensemble, Maurice hoped to create a “newer edition” of the musical group The Jackson 5. Later, a fifth Ronnie DeVoe (Payne’s nephew) made the decision to join the group.

Finally, in 1983, New Edition’s debut album, Candy Girl, was made available to the public. The project was a commercial success and includes the title song as well as the hit singles Popcorn Love, Is This the End, Jealous Girl, and others.

Following a financial disagreement, New Edition eventually parted ways with Starr’s management and record label and signed a significant record deal with MCA Records. In accordance with the agreement, the group released their second self-titled album by Ralph Tresvant, which helped them gain even more notoriety, went double platinum, and sold more than 2 million copies globally.

Sensitivity, the album’s lead single, spent more than 20 weeks on the R&B charts in the US and spent two weeks at the top of the charts. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, a video game, also included the song. The Top Five popular songs are also included on the CD.

Ralph Tresvant Assets

Ralph Tresvant is a singer with a huge net worth of $8 million. The singer has spent millions of dollars on expensive homes and cars. Aside from his house in Woodland Hills, he also bought a very expensive mansion in Acworth City, Georgia, in one of the post areas. Tresvant likes cars, and his garage is full of them, including a Mercedes Benz and a lot of others.


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