What is the Net Worth of Canadian Politician Leela Aheer as of 2022?

Aheer Leela Sharon ECA MLA is a Canadian politician who was re-elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in the 2019 general election after first being elected in the 2015 Alberta election.

Aheer declared her candidacy for the presidency of the United Conservative Party on June 8, 2022. She finished last in the vote. We will discuss Leela Aheer‘s net worth, her life story, and a lot more in this article. So follow along with us till the article’s conclusion.

As of November 2022, Leela Aheer has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Quick Facts About Leela Aheer

Name  Leela Aheer
D.O.B September 26, 1970
Gender Female
Profession Lawyer, Politician
Net Worth $5 million

Leela Aheer’s Early Life

Aheer‘s family moved to Chestermere in 1979, while she was born in Edmonton. Aheer spent 10 months in South India, the region where her family was born, after graduating from Chestermere High School in 1988.

Leela Aheer Net Worth

Aheer enrolled in the University of Calgary for her first year of study in Political Science before transferring to the University of Manitoba to complete her Bachelor of Music degree. Following college, she worked in family-owned enterprises like real estate investing, a car wash, and a gas station while also teaching music for 22 years.

Political Career of Leela Aheer

In 2015, Aheer narrowly defeated Wildrose-turned-PC MLA Bruce McAllister to become the second person to represent Chestermere-Rocky View.

Deputy Leader of UCP

Based on the demands of her constituents, Aheer backed the union of Wildrose and the PCs. On October 30, 2017, newly elected leader Jason Kenney named Aheer the United Conservative Party’s deputy leader.  As a “very centrist conservative” who would disagree with some of Kenney‘s views, she expressed surprise at his action.

In her capacity as deputy leader, she asked attendees of the UCP policy conference to not from making an anti-GSA motion the official party position. In favor by 57%, it was approved.

Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women

Alberta’s Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women was named Leela Aheer on April 30, 2019. Along with Rajan Sawhney, the province of Alberta’s Minister of Community and Social Services, Aheer introduced Clare’s Law in that province.

Leela Aheer Net Worth

The legislation aims to give those who may be in a relationship at risk of domestic violence access to information about their partner’s criminal record and makes an effort to give those who may be in a relationship at risk of domestic violence a fuller understanding of an intimate partner’s prior history of domestic violence or violent acts.

At the first-ever Women’s Entrepreneurship Day summit held in Canada, Aheer proclaimed November 19, 2019, as Women’s Entrepreneurship Day in Alberta.

The day, which aims to remove obstacles faced by female entrepreneurs, is being celebrated for the first time in Canada. According to Aheer, the occasion offers a chance to “acknowledge the diverse ways women contribute to the economy.” On July 8, 2021, she was dismissed from her job for insulting Jason Kenney.

UC Leadership Initiative

Aheer made her candidacy for the leadership of the United Conservative Party known on June 8, 2022, at a gathering in Chestermere.

Aheer stopped a rampaging bull in its tracks in August while saving a rodeo competitor in Strathmore, Alberta. Aheer was joined by others in stepping in to halt the rushing bull.

Aheer was exonerated of breaking the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act in August. She was initially penalized for allegedly exceeding the contribution cap, but the Calgary Court of Queen’s Bench overturned the Alberta Elections Commissioner’s conclusion and cleared her.

What is the Net Worth of Leela Aheer?

According to Apumone, The approximate $5 million value of Leela Aheer‘s net worth. Her primary occupation as a politician and businesswoman provides her with the majority of her money.

The annual income from Leela Aheer‘s salary and other sources is over $300,000. She enjoys opulent living and upscale travel thanks to her outstanding accomplishments. She is among the wealthiest and most powerful politicians in Canada.

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Final Words

Leela Aheer narrowly defeated incumbent Wildrose-turned-PC MLA Bruce McAllister in 2015, becoming the second member to represent Chestermere-Rocky View. Aheer supported the merger of Wildrose and the PCs based on the wishes of her people.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leela Aheer’s Age?

Leela Aheer’s age is 52.

Who is Leela Aheer’s Husband?

Malkeet Aheer is Leela Aheer’s husband.

Leela Aheer Has How Many Children?

Leela Aheer is the mother of two children.

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