Just How High is Jordan Peele’s Net Worth in 2022? Lets Check!

Jordan Haworth Peele is an actor, comedian, and director from New York who is American. Peele is best known for his work in horror and comedy movies and TV shows. Peele got his big break when he was hired to be on the FOX sketch comedy show “Mad TV” in 2003.


Jordan Peele was born in New York City, New York, on February 1, 1979. Dave grew up in New York City, where Chappelle’s Show was a big hit. Dave Chappelle was always his hero, and he always wanted to work with him. Dave Chappelle left the world of Comedy Central when he was still young enough to work with him.

Jordan Peele Net Worth

When Dave Chappelle left Comedy Central, the network asked Jordan Peele and his friend Keegan Michael Key to making shows to fill the space left by the Dave Chappelle show.

The Key and Peele show was made because of this. The show ran for nearly 10 years. After a long run of Key and Peele shows, Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key decided to split Adventure into their solo World. Since then, both of them have done well. After Jordan Peele left Comedy Central, he started making his movie, Get Out.


He started doing improv in Chicago with Boom Chicago and Second City. He was also the host of MTV’s “Comedy Weekend” at the beginning of the 2000s. In 2003, he was put on the sketch comedy show “MADtv,” where he met Keegan-Michael Key for the first time.

Jordan made many popular characters on the show, and he became known for doing great impressions of Ja Rule, James Brown, Justin Guarini, and Barack Obama, among others. The song “Sad Fitty Cent” he wrote was also up for an Emmy. He was on the show for a total of five years.

Then, he had a recurring role in the “Children’s Hospital” and was in the pilot for “The Station.” In 2012, he and Keegan-Michael Key started their own show on Comedy Central called “Key and Peele.” Key and Peele ran for 5 seasons and 53 episodes before ending in 2015. The show won a Peabody Award and two Primetime Emmy Awards.

Peele and Key wrote, produced, and acted in the 2016 movie “Keanu.” Jordan’s first movie as a director, “Get Out,” came out in 2017. He wrote the script and made the movie, which cost $4.5 million to make.

The movie was a huge hit right away, and Jordan became the first black writer-director whose first movie made more than $100 million at the box office. In the end, the movie made $255 million around the world. At the 2018 Academy Awards, the movie “Get Out” was up for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture. He got the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth, Jordan Peele is an American comedian, writer, director, and actor with a $50 million net worth. Jordan first became well-known because of the sketch show “Key and Peele,” which ran on Comedy Central for 5 seasons and 53 episodes from 2012 to 2015.

Then Jordan switched to directing movies full-time. His career went through the roof after his 2017 movie “Get Out” became a surprise hit and made $255 million at the box office.

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Personal Life

In 2013, Peele started dating Chelsea Peretti, who is an actress and comedian. After two years, they got engaged, and in 2016, they got married. They have one child together. His name is Beaumont.

Jordan Peele Net Worth

Also, the entertainer has said that Martin Lawrence, Steve Martin, Dave Chappelle, Richard Pryor, and In Living Color are some of the people who have influenced him the most.

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Did Jordan Peele quit acting?

In 2018, Peele stopped acting. Since then, he has become known as a skilled director and screenwriter. At the 2018 Directors Guild America Awards, he made a joke about giving up acting.

He said he quit acting after being asked to do the voice of a character named Poop in The Emoji Movie, an animated movie for kids.

Universal Deal

Jordan signed a new contract with Universal Pictures on October 1, 2019, that will keep his production company at the studio for the next 5 years. The deal is very lucrative. According to reports, it could be a “nine-figure” deal on par with $300-400 million deals that other producers got around the same time.

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But unlike in other deals, Jordan’s money is not given to him right away. Instead, it is paid out once a year based on a large base and the possibility of a very large bonus.


Jordan Peele was born in New York City, New York, on February 1, 1979. He got his big break on the FOX sketch comedy show “Mad TV”. In 2012, he and Keegan-Michael Key started their own show on Comedy Central called “Key and Peele”.

Jordan Peele is an American comedian, writer, director, and actor. His 2017 movie “Get Out” made $255 million at the box office around the world. In 2018, he won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the film.

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