5 Best Apps for Enhancing Your Photos On The Go

Photos may need retouching even when you take them on a good camera. They might contain unwanted objects or be overexposed. After all, many aspects affect picture quality, from choosing the wrong angle, background, or time of day. Luckily, you can quickly fix most image defects by using online tools and mobile editing applications. Read on to learn more about the best ways to enhance digital photos.

How can you digitally enhance photos?

There are several different ways to improve your pictures. You can process them in mobile applications, graphics editors, or automated online upscalers. Sometimes, combining these solutions can get you an even better, more accurate result.

Mobile applications are the most convenient way to enhance your visuals. Just download them on your smartphone once, and get access to advanced editing features any time. Photo editing apps provide all the necessary tools for an efficient enhancement in a single interface. For example, you can improve lights and shadows, blur photo backgrounds, or delete unwanted objects.

Professional, paid photo editing software like Photoshop is another solution to perfect your pictures. It has rich functionality allowing designers to implement the bravest ideas in their projects and harmoniously combine multiple images in collages. However, Photoshop will better fit expert creators, since it takes time to master all its features.

Online upscalers are the most efficient tools for quick and quality photo enhancement. They automatically increase image resolution by adding new pixels and removing excess noise. With these tools, you don’t need to manipulate your pictures manually. Just upload a file to the system and get results in a couple of seconds.

The best online photo enhancer

Pixelated images are unappealing to users and make your editing process complicated. That’s why you must ensure your visuals have a high resolution before starting any manipulations. Don’t worry if your photo turned out to be of low quality. You can use a free photo enhancement tool on depositphotos.com.

Depositphotos Image Upscaler is an automated online tool that quickly enlarges pictures and boosts their resolution. It uses an AI-based technology allowing independent object recognition to scale and improve your visuals without requiring manual input. The tool doubles an original file’s size, e.g., if your image size is 1000x1000px, it will become 2000x2000px after upscaling. During the enlargement process, Depositphotos Image Upscaler also generates missing pixels, sharpens details, removes blur, and reduces noise.

You can upload JPG or JPEG files that weigh up to 15 MB. With Depositphotos Image Upscaler, there is no need to download extra apps to improve your picture quality. All its features are accessible from a browser on any electronic device.

Top 5 photo-enhancing apps

Consider the following mobile apps if you frequently edit pictures and want to get quick access to image-enhancing options at any time.


VSCO is one of the most downloaded image-editing mobile applications. It provides advanced options, allowing you to correct your photos accurately. In the app, you can change the aspect ratio and regulate exposure level, contrast, sharpness, clearness, saturation, and white balance in your pics. VSCO also helps you turn colored photos into black-and-white ones in just one tap. Moreover, there are a variety of filters for automatic image enhancement.

Receipts, an original VSCO feature, allows you to make corrections to images once and save them as presets to apply to other files. You can create publications and highlights with processed visuals on social media directly from the app, speeding up the posting process.


Snapseed provides user-friendly and convenient professional tools to improve overall tone and quality. More than 20 editing options are available in the app, including sharpening, adjusting curves, correcting white balance, cropping, improving perspective, and applying HDR effect. For automated photo improvement, you can choose from multiple built-in filters or upload your own impressive presets. Snapseed also allows direct sharing of processed images on social media and messengers. You can store the edited visuals in the application’s gallery.


This application provides all the necessary tools for quick and effective image editing. Its functionality allows you to crop pictures, apply filters, adjust the overall composition tone, create paddings, and add stickers. Besides, the Darkroom’s library features a vast amount of textures that can help you create the right mood for your scenes. For example, you can add raindrops and regulate their opacity. Moreover, with the background changing feature, you can choose a new BG from the presets or upload your own.

Movavi Picverse

Movavi Picverse offers a wide range of tools to fine-tune your pictures. Over 200 ready-made filters are available in the app, helping you improve visuals in just one tap. You can also try cropping, rotating, blurring, and sharpening options to adjust your images manually. To make your photos even more artistic-looking, consider applying textures like paper, watercolor, or grain, or use advanced image color correction. You can upload files for processing from your device or use a Google Drive account linked to your mail.


Prisma can transform your photo into a drawing in just one tap. Over 500 art styles on various subjects are available in the app, including gothic, oriental, mosaic, and more. After automatic image processing, you can manually adjust your art’s exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpness, temperature, and tone. Note that most styles are paid, but you can also find some free, impressive presets.


Photos don’t always turn out perfect, so you have to edit them to get rid of any defects. Mobile applications and online image upscalers provide user-friendly features for improving pictures like a pro, even without mastering complicated Photoshop functionality. They do not require in-depth retouching skills, allowing beginner creators to get impressive results. Nonetheless, before manipulating your images, ensure they have high resolution. For this, visit the Depositphotos Image Upscaler to enhance your photo resolution in one click.

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