Bouncing Blobbing Slimes Event: Gameplay, Reward, Time Period, Eligibility, Description And Many More!

Genshin Impact will include a Web Event called “Bouncing Blobby Slimes” from July 4 to July 10, 2022. This Web Event, as the name suggests, is all about participants controlling joyful Slimes as they bounce between platforms.

Genshin Impact Travellers are inclined to collaborate with the Bouncing Blobby Slimes because of the event’s incentives. Players can gain hundreds of Primogems, dozens of Mystic Enhancement Ores, a few Hero’s Wits, and tens of thousands of Mora by taking part in this event. See below for details on the Genshin Impact Bouncing Blobby Slimes Web Event and how you may take part in it.

Genshin Impact: Bouncing Blobby Slimes: How to Complete It!

Bouncing Blobbing Slimes Event

Travelers must compete in multiple platforming challenges using a variety of elemental Slimes in order to take part in and finish the Bouncing Blobby Slimes Web Event that is currently taking place in Geshin Impact. Players must utilize the left mouse button to make jumps from platform to platform, accumulating points along the way to increase their chances of winning Slimes Coins. After obtaining this currency, it can be used at the Blob Shop to purchase Primogems, resources for gaining experience, and Mora.

Time Period For Playing Game And Eligibility

July 4th 2022 – July 10th, 2022

Anyone with an Adventure Rank of 10 or higher is eligible to participate.

Bouncing Blobby Slime Game Reward

Players can get a variety of items and incentives by exchanging Blob Coins for them.

In the Blob Store, you’ll find a variety of tiers of rewards. Travelers must redeem all of the current tier’s goodies before the next tier may be unlocked.

All awards can be exchanged for Unlimited Play Mode by exchanging them. This mode removes the requirement for Stamina and rewards Blob Coins when playing Bouncing Adventure Levels or Infinite Bouncing Mode. Despite the fact that new records are being created, the High Score can still be displayed.

Bouncing Blobby Slime Description

Travelers have the opportunity to gain Stamina for the Bouncing Adventure and the event item Blob Coin by logging in to Genshin Impact on a daily basis for the duration of the event, completing Daily Commissions, and consuming Original Resin. You can trade Blob Coins in for Primogems and other event rewards using the Blob Coin Exchange.

Bouncing Adventure

Each Bouncing Adventure drains a certain quantity of Stamina. Stamina is a resource that travellers can acquire by fulfilling objectives.

In-game and web event actions can be used to obtain a set quantity of Stamina each day, such as login into Genshin Impactt every day, completing two Daily Commissions every day, and using 40 Original Resins every day.

Every day at 04:00 Server Time, the daily missions are reloaded. The stamina that hasn’t been claimed will be cleared as well. Please utilize the Stamina before it expires. It’s not possible to restore lost Stamina.

Bouncing Adventure is a game where players use charged bounces to transfer Slime to a certain place. A successful challenge is achieving the target place.

Each Bouncing Adventure has its own set of Blob Coins to be earned. Blob Coins increase in value as the player’s score rises.

The Bouncing Adventure consists of eight distinct stages. It is also possible for travelers to unlock certain levels in advance by completing certain levels.

It’s possible to resurrect the Slime in each Bouncing Adventure level without using Stamina or Blob Coins.

The score will be calculated if the adventurer abandons it in the middle of it. It will be saved as your best score if the current level’s score is higher than the previous level’s. Coins collected will be stored in your personal inventory. There is no way to get back the Stamina you’ve already used.

How To Unlock Slimes

There are seven different Slimes available for selection during the Bouncing Adventure. Each Slime possesses a unique ability that can help you go through the journey and acquire additional Blob Coins.

By completing a variety of Levels, Adventurers can gain access to a wide variety of Slimes.

It is possible to unlock additional Slimes and make some of the new ones available for testing in select levels. During the course of the test, you will only be able to employ this Slime on one particular level. You will be able to utilize it in all of the stages and the “Infinite Bouncing” mode after you have obtained it. Additionally, it will engage with you when you are on the main page.

If you use any Slime to successfully complete a level, you will be able to unlock the trial version of that level’s Slime.

Gameplay of Bouncing Blobby Slime

Bouncing Blobbing Slimes Event

Charge by holding down the left mouse button or the space bar, and then jump when you let go.

The longer you hold, the further you jump when you release your grip.

Your destination will be at the point where the crosshair is now focused.

To complete a perfect jump, you must first land in the middle of the stone. If you manage to land here, you’ll rack up some extra points!

After the crosshair has moved to its most distant setting, it will proceed to move back to its starting point at the same rate as before. This will continue to happen until the slime finally jumps.

The final score of the level is determined by adding together the scores of all of the jumps.

When the total score is tallied up, you will be awarded a greater quantity of Blob Coins according to the level’s overall score.

When the progress bar reaches its full potential, the task associated with the current level will be finished.

In the event that the Slime inadvertently touches the spikes that are embedded in the prickly stones, the jump will be considered unsuccessful, and the scoring process will begin immediately.

You will only receive 80 percent of the possible points for this jump if the Slime is unable to make a perfect landing on the water stains that are present on the water-stained stone mechanism.

If you stand on a cracked stone for longer than three seconds, the stone will break apart under your weight. As soon as the stone begins to crumble, the Slime will fall. It will be determined that this was an unsuccessful jump, and the process of calculating scores will begin immediately.

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