Miles Bridges Saves and Spends His $10 Million With 1 Rule! Check Here!

For a very long time, it has been difficult for the Charlotte Hornets to become a real threat in the NBA. Miles Bridges, a small forward for the team, has been one of the bright lights lately. In his second season with the team, Bridges made advances toward becoming a trustworthy franchise player.

The 22-year-old player from Flint, Michigan, showed the ability to take his progress in stride despite having a rough start in the NBA, which is something that players don’t always recover from.

This level of maturity, it would appear, extends to his financial situation as well. It appears as though the young man will be fine no matter where his basketball career goes because he already has millions of dollars saved up and will receive further money over the course of the next three years regardless of how well he plays. Bridges claim that in order to succeed, one must just adhere to a single golden rule.

The Journey That Led Miles Bridges to a Contract Worth $10 Million

It’s not often that someone can go from being destitute to having a million dollars in their bank account without first having a difficult time improving their financial situation.

According to Sportrac’s research, even though Bridges was still in his early 20s when he signed the contract worth $10,896,360 over three years, the road he traveled to get there was long and arduous.

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The local YMCA was where he got his start in basketball, and it was there that he eventually received an opportunity to join Flint Southwestern Academy to concentrate on the sport.

As reported by Mlive, once he was at a school where he could be observed, he worked even harder than before. It brought him additional attention, this time from the Huntington Prep school in West Virginia.

It meant dedicating virtually every waking moment to both basketball and his academic pursuits. Even though he was away from his friends and family, he still managed to put in the work necessary to become a top prospect and earn a scholarship spot at Michigan State.

After just two years, Bridges has established himself as a breakout talent. According to ESPN, he has declared himself eligible for the NBA after receiving approval from head coach Tom Izzo.

It was during a period of transition for the Hornets when he joined the team. Kemba Walker, a superstar point guard, was about to leave the team since the free agency was knocking on his door. It was up to the newer players, like Bridges, to turn the team into something worthwhile.

Bridges’ performance during the first year was not quite stellar. Even though it was obvious that he was an undeveloped player, as many rookies typically are, he refused to brush it off as normal growing pains. “I was a complete and total jackass all year. I do not have what it takes to be a member of any team.

After learning that he had not been chosen for the All-Rookie team in 2019, Bridges tweeted in an open and honest manner that “next year will be different.” The Hornets were less harsh on him because they were placing their bets on the fact that he will develop into the player they envisioned for him at some point within the next three years.

The Single Piece of Advice That Bridges Gives to Newly Wealthy Individuals Regarding Wealth Management

During his first year in the league, not only did Bridges have trouble adjusting to his newfound success, but he also had to deal with his growing fortune. He was at a fork in the road that every professional athlete competing at his level must consider.

Should he put his faith in himself and spend freely in the expectation that he would have a secure future? Should he play it safe and act as if this is the only deal he would ever sign, or should he take a chance?

According to what Bridges said in an interview with GQ Sports, he squarely belongs in the second group. He manages his fortune according to “one rule,” which is to save or invest 80 percent of it and spend no more than 20 percent of it. When his professional career is ended, he will be able to figure things out from there.

What Bridges Did With the Money That He Had Available to Spend

How did Bridges choose to spend his first million dollars after it had finally arrived in his bank account? To get this out of the way first: yes, he did waste some money on the enjoyable things he bought.

Who in their right mind would choose not to do that? He spent an additional $60,000 on chains and made sure to get his hands on a Rolex, which cost him $30,000. After that, most of the remainder focused on more practical matters.

He shelled out two hundred thousand dollars to buy a house for his mother that was situated within twenty to thirty minutes drive of his own residence.

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This was done, of course, so that he could limit the number of times his mother came to visit him. After that, he shelled over $50,000 to purchase an Audi for his girlfriend.

Because he had heard that the Range Rover was the safest car for his son to sit in the back seat of, he decided to purchase one for himself at a cost of one hundred thousand dollars.

At long last, he parted ways with $600,000 in order to make his most significant acquisition: a house in Charlotte for himself. He will require additional space now that he also has a daughter in addition to his son.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Exactly Does Miles Bridges Make His Home?


Flint is the most populous city in Genesee County and serves as the county seat in Michigan, United States. It is a major city in the Mid-Michigan region, and its location along the Flint River places it approximately 66 miles to the northwest of the city of Detroit.

With an estimated population of 81,252 residents as of the year 2020 census, Flint ranked as the twelfth largest city in the state of Michigan.

Are Miles and Mikal Related in Any Way?

Even though they have the same surname, Mikal Bridges and Miles Bridges are not related in any way. In spite of the fact that some spectators have hypothesized otherwise, the two players are not connected.

What Is the Age of Miles Bridges?

He turns 24 this year. The 21st of March, 1998 was the day he was born.

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