R.Kelly Net Worth 2022: How Did He Become Bankrupt?

Robert Sylvester Kelly is a singer, composer, record producer, and convicted sex offender from the United States. Read on to find out about the R.Kelly net worth, and professional and personal life.

Kelly was recognized for helping to redefine R&B and hip hop as a recording artist, gaining designations such as “the King of R&B,” “the King of Pop-Soul,” and “the Pied Piper of R&B.”

He is well-known for his huge repertoire of chart-topping tunes spanning three decades.

R Kelly Early Life

Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on the south side of Chicago on January 8, 1967. His full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly. He didn’t finish high school because he was determined to follow his passion and become a musician in the underground.

His big break came when he won a cash prize of one hundred thousand dollars on the television talent show known as Big Break.

Kelly signed a recording contract with Jive Records in 1991, and the following year, his band Public Announcement produced an album titled “Born into the 90s.”

R Kelly Career

R. Kelly’s career began in 1989 when he joined a group of talented artists. His debut album, Why You Wanna Play Me, was published. His band MGM subsequently appeared on the television show Big Break. They won the talent show and went on to become well-known. Born in the 90s was his debut album, released in 1992. Jive Records signed him the following year.


He released 12 Play in 1993. It included Kelly’s first #1 smash, Bump N Grind. Since then, Kelly has released songs and albums. 17 albums and several successes are his.

Kelly’s last album was in 2016. Soulacoaster was released in 2012. Kelly’s awards include three Grammys, 11 Billboard Music Awards, and 19 BMI Awards.

What Is the Net Worth of R Kelly?

R. Kelly is a singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer from the United States. R Kelly has a net worth of -$2 million. Kelly’s net worth was easily in the tens of millions, even as high as $100 million, during his height. Kelly disclosed to a judge in April 2020, while arguing for his release from jail, that he owes roughly $1.9 million to the IRS alone.

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How did R. Kelly become bankrupt?

R&B singer won $100,000 on ‘Big Break’ and signed with Jive Records in 1991. 12 Play, his first solo album, was certified six times platinum and included the hit “Bump n’ Grind.”

In the 1990s and 2000s, he amassed a fortune by releasing 14 studio albums, five compilation albums, and three collaboration albums. His successes include 12 world tours and innumerable TV appearances.

After divorcing Andrea Lee in 2009, he lost a lot of money and his music career declined. According to estimates, he owed $5 million in back taxes by 2012 and forfeited his Chicago home the following year.

In 2018, he released a 19-minute song detailing the accusations against him and his mounting debt. He had problems paying rent and owing to the IRS $1.9 million.

Spotify and other streaming platforms have deleted his songs from their public playlists, reducing his earnings. His slide from fame has made successful tours impossible, and he can’t pay his debts.

Personal Life of R Kelly

In 1994, Kelly married Aaliyah secretly, although the marriage would eventually be declared invalid. After that, in 1996, he wed the dancer Andrea Lee, and the pair went on to have three children together until being divorced in 2009.

R. Kelly net worth

Over the course of his career, R Kelly has been involved in more than a few high-profile scandals. He was taken into custody and charged with the claimed offense of having sexual relations with a minor girl. In the end, all 14 of the allegations against him were dismissed.

What are R Kelly’s most popular songs?

Kelly’s music career took off in the 1990s and early 2000s, when he had more Billboard Top 40 songs than any other male solo artist.

Ignition, released in 2003, and I Believe I Can Fly, used in the 1995 basketball film Space Jam, are two of his most successful songs.

Step in the Name of Love is his third most popular song of all time, according to Billboard, after Bump N’ Grind and I Wish.

Legal and Financial Issues

R. Kelly addressed several of his charges in a 19-minute song that he posted on Spotify in July 2018. Kelly said in this song that she is in need of touring “simply to pay the rent.”

He also acknowledges having once owed the IRS $1.9 million and had to borrow several million dollars from his record company to cover expenses.

His financial difficulties are made worse by the fact that he is unable to tour in many other nations due to his controversies, and that protesters regularly prevent him from performing in the United States.

Additionally, his tracks are no longer available on Spotify and other streaming platforms’ public playlists. On Spotify, users may still listen to his tracks from their own accounts, but they won’t be included in any radio channels or publicly accessible playlists like Discover Weekly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which STD did R. Kelly transmit?

Kelly spent $200,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by a woman who accused him of giving her herpes without disclosing he had it two decades ago, the woman said on Friday at the R&B singer’s sex-trafficking trial.

R. Kelly was how old when he was dating Aaliyah?

The marriage of the two singers, which took place using forged paperwork when Aaliyah was 15 and Mr. Kelly was 27, spurred the first serious investigation into his contacts with young females. Potential sexual offenses from the early 1990s are often too old to pursue.

Where is the trial for R. Kelly?

Since then, he has been detained at the Metropolitan Detention Center in the Brooklyn borough. The Eastern District of New York’s US Attorney successfully prosecuted Kelly in 2021, leading to Kelly’s first sex-related felony conviction.

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