LaVar Ball Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make From Big Baller Brand?

LaVar Christopher Ball is a businessman from the United States. He is the co-founder and CEO of the sports apparel brand Big Baller Brand, as well as the founder of the now-defunct Junior Basketball Association (JBA).

He is the father of three basketball players: Lonzo Ball of the Chicago Bulls, LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets, and LiAngelo Ball of the Greensboro Swarm.

The Early Life of Lavar Ball

LaVar Christopher Ball came into the world on October 23, 1967, in Los Angeles, California. Ball and his four siblings grew up together.

Canoga Park High School, where he was a well-known quarterback on the football team. He was interested in sports when he was younger, but he never thought he could make a living out of it.

During the 1990s, he tried out for the NFL and joined the New York Jets. In 1995, he found out how to return kicks for 28 yards. After playing football in school, he decided to stop and become a fitness coach instead.

The Professional Life of Lavar Ball

After he played football for a while, he switched to being a businessman. Ball set up “Big Baller Brand,” which got off to a good start. In its first few months of business, the company was able to make money. On national TV, Ball talked about the company and compared it to Adidas and Puma.

His son Lonzo played professional basketball for UCLA and started promoting his father’s brand. Big Baller made its first pair of athletic shoes in 2017, which got a lot of attention. Shaquille O’Neil and many other American athletes were not happy with how much the shoes cost. The next year, Ball announced that a shoe with his youngest son’s name on it would be coming out.


In December 2017, Ball told everyone that he was going to start the JBA. LaVar had great ideas for the league’s future, but it has since been said that this is just a way to get more attention for Big Baller.

Ball is known for making controversial comments. He first got national attention when CBS Sports did a story on the Ball family. He started acting like he was better than the media. After that season, he said that his son Lonzo was a better basketball player than Stephen Curry.

Ball said in an interview that he could beat Michael Jordan in a “one-on-one” basketball game, which also got a lot of media attention. LaVar Ball is known for his clothing line, “Big Baller Brand,” and for saying things that make people upset. People have paid a lot of attention to what he has said. When Ball criticized the Los Angeles Lakers, he stirred up more trouble.

What is the Net Worth of Lavar Ball?

LaVar Ball is an American entrepreneur and a former professional football player. He is one of the co-founders of the sports clothing firm Big Baller Brand and also established the Junior Basketball Association, which did not last long. The current estimated value of LaVar Ball’s estate is $6 million.

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Big Baller Brand

LaVar created Big Baller Brand in 2016, an apparel and shoe company recognized for its high-end basketball sneakers and vocal endorsements from the founding family.

The Big Baller Brand ZO2 sneaker costs $495 ($995 for a pair with Lonzo’s autograph). Big Baller Brand is known for its exorbitant pricing. Despite the high price tag, LaVar has remained committed to his footwear.

“You’re NOT a BIG BALLER if you can’t afford the ZO2’S!” the businessman said on Twitter.

Recent reports, on the other hand, show that the corporation is cutting expenditures.

Lavar Ball Personl Life and Family

Lavar Christopher Ball is the well-known name of Lavar Christopher Ball, who was born to Maria and Anderson Ball. He is one of the family’s seven children. Lavar spent his upbringing in California and has always been interested in sports and business.


In 1997, Lavar married Tina in Los Angeles. They have three boys as a result of their marriage. Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo have been demonstrating their sportsmanship in the same sport that their father has always loved: basketball.

His wife had serious health concerns in 2017, which had a negative impact on her.

Summing Up on LaVar Ball

Lavar Ball is the father of Lonzo Ball, who presently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA. During his son’s final year at UCLA, he was able to successfully use the media to boost his son’s athletic image, leading to his being picked with the second selection in the 2017 NBA draught by the Los Angeles Lakers. Because of his reputation, he was also able to establish a professional basketball league and a sports apparel firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Big Balleer Brand go out of business?

The Big Baller Brand website was shut down in April 2019.

What is the location of Lonzo Ball’s residence?

Sherman Oaks

Lonzo Ball, the star guard for the Chicago Bulls, has moved to Los Angeles, paying $7.25 million for a recently built home in the San Fernando Valley community of Sherman Oaks.

What is the value of Big Baller Brand?

Big Baller Brand “re-launches” in 2020, with a new website and goods. BBB is valued at $1 billion by March 2020, according to LaVar Ball.

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