4 Top-Ranked Books Ideal for Your Beach Read

Many people can agree that there is no better season than summer. Watching sunsets, swimming, hiking, and spending time on the beach are the best treats. You get a winning combination when you combine them with ice cream and “beach read.” You can sit on a shore, snack on the cold snacks, or sip tasty fruity cocktails all day long without a worry.

If you have a beach vacation coming up, prepare yourself to absorb some vitamin D and lots of juicy, great books that will keep you intrigued. Luckily, there is a plethora of genres and pieces worthy of your attention.

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On the other hand, there is always a possibility that you don’t like reading and think it’s a waste of your time. But we’ve gathered some of the best books you should try and see if you like them. Let’s dive right into this top book selection for a beautiful and unforgettable summer.

The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

In this book, Foley draws readers into the story’s world with her tight, gripping plot. The plot revolves around an apartment building where everybody has secrets, and nobody’s quite who they seem to be. It is wildly charming and sinister at the same time. Paris’s beauty and description of secrets within the walls will keep you intrigued throughout the book.

It’s a slow-burning story about a woman named Jess who needs a fresh start. She decided to crash at her brother’s place since she had left her job and had no money. Her brother, Ben, wasn’t happy with the idea but decided to let her come. When she showed up– Ben was nowhere to be found.

She eventually started to dig up into his situation and, along the way, found many secrets. Lots of questions started flowing through her brain. This book is complex, has multiple perspectives, and will keep you hooked. Foley tied up this story with precision and entertainment value. Check it out!

Six Days in Rome by Francesca Giacco

In this heavy, powerfully suggestive novel written by Giacco, Emilia – a youthful artist – decided to take a trip and visit Rome to heal her broken heart.

Emilia expected to have a romantic vacation, but it became a solo trip with the sudden end of a relationship. She took that time to rethink many aspects of her life and decisions. Nonetheless, she enjoyed Rome’s wide piazzas, music, food, and beauty.

Emilia suddenly met John while climbing a hill, and they kick-started an intriguing connection. They both opened up and brought the pain they held into the light.

As the couple developed their relationships, Emilia started to perceive herself from a new perspective. She confronted how she’s been letting her father’s success overshadow her own path as an artist for the first time. She finds herself on a singular journey and transforms in a way she never expected.

This book is considered a celebration of creativity, art, and self-discovery.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The third novel by Fitzgerald revolves around a tragic story of a self-made millionaire named Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, a wealthy woman he loved in his youth. The narrator, Nick Carraway, depicts the events in the summer of 1922 after he arrived on Long Island.

Nick lived among the newly rich, and his cousin Daisy with her husband, Tom Buchanan, lived across the water. Once, Nick got invited to one sensational party held by Jay Gatsby, his rich neighbor. This is where Nick and Daisy finally met again and renewed their relationship.

Yet, Tom became aware of the affair and confronted Gatsby. Daisy tried to calm them down, but things soon got out of hand. The conflict was only the beginning of a great disaster that will untangle later in the book.

This extraordinary work was an outstanding achievement at the time of its publication. Give it a chance, and believe us – it will leave you shocked!

Our final recommendation is for people who like to laugh and read fun fiction. Get ready to burst into laughter when reading this book.

Wicked Appetite by Janet Evanovich

Gerwulf Grimore is a power seeker and a dangerous man with a set of abilities beyond the ordinary. He is hungry for the forbidden and needs a woman, Elizabeth Tucker, to find the Seven Stones of Power.

Lizzy’s life has been on track since she moved from New York City to Boston’s North Shore. She is a new pastry chef at Dazzle’s bakery, and everything’s fine for her until a guy named Diesel, a rude monkey, and a ninja cat appear.

Lizzy can handle the cat and the monkey, but she’s not so sure about Diesel. He offered her a set of unusual talents and promised to keep her protected from Grimoire. But Lizzy is afraid this means she’ll be watched round the clock. This story evolves into a crazy plot, so check it out and see what happens with the characters.

Final Thoughts

Every college student needs to develop reading skills since it can boost creativity and improve communication. Summer break is a perfect time to pick up some good books and enjoy their plots in a quiet, sunny place.

So, give a chance to masterpieces on the list we’ve created. They will keep you interested and fascinated. Reading books on the beach can quickly become an addiction. Grab a towel, take some snacks, pick up your novel, and enjoy your free time.

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