Kyle Mooney Net Worth: How Much is the ‘SNL’ Star Worth?

Kyle James Kozub Mooney also known as Kyle Mooney, is an American actor, comedian, and writer. From 2013 to 2022, he was on the cast of Saturday Night Live. Mooney co-wrote and starred in the movie Brigsby Bear. He also co-created, co-wrote, produced, and starred in the adult cartoon comedy Saturday Morning All-Star Hits. Let’s discover the Kyle Mooney Net Worth.

Early Life of Kyle Mooney

Mooney was the youngest of three sons born to Linda (née Kozub) and Brian Mooney in San Diego, California. Linda, a former reporter for the San Diego Union-Tribune, now works as an environmental consultant, while Brian formerly worked for the city of San Diego as a planner.

Mooney’s elder brothers, Sean and Ryan, are also in his life. Mooney is a nearsighted, left-handed person. Mooney was chosen as the student most likely to thrive in the field of television in his eighth-grade class.

He won the Best Actor award for his act as Prospero in Shakespeare’s The Tempest while he was a senior in high school. He was also renowned around the school as the school clown.

Mooney earned a bachelor’s degree in film studies from USC. He was a member of Commodus Interruptus, a university-based improv, and sketch comedy ensemble. Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Nick Rutherford were the three new members introduced to Commodus in 2003 after a six-week tryout process.

Mooney started collecting together a VHS collection when he was a youngster, and he hasn’t stopped since.

Because of connections he made while working on Saturday Night Live, Mooney has been able to get the artists on his VHS tapes to sign them. Mooney, for example, has a Beetlejuice VHS that Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin have autographed.

The Career of Kyle Mooney

In 2007, Mooney, Bennett, and Rutherford, along with Mooney’s friend, director, and editor Dave McCary, formed the sketch comedy group, Good Neighbor.

In 2013, Bennett and Dave McCary joined Mooney on SNL as performers and directors, respectively. The next year, Rutherford was hired as a writer. In 2014, Good Neighbor was ranked #98 on NewMediaRockstars’ list of the Top 100 Channels.


Kyle Mooney’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live as a featured player was on September 28, 2013. At the beginning of the 41st season, Mooney was moved to the repertory.

Mooney has brought some of his YouTube characters to SNL, like the “4/20 weed-smoking guy,” Chris Fitzpatrick, Todd from Inside SoCal, and Bruce Chandler. He has also done interviews with random people on the street.

He tried out for SNL in the summer of 2012 but was turned down. The next season, he tried out again and got on.

On Saturday Night Live, he has done impressions of Jim Acosta, Woody Allen, Criss Angel, Fred Astaire, David Axelrod, Jeff Bezos, Neil Cavuto, Lincoln Chafee, Bradley Cooper, Tom Cotton, Michael Jackson, Bruce Jessen, Steve Jobs, John Kennedy, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Lawrence, Macklemore, Howie Mandel, Chuck Norris, Rand Paul, Pope Francis, Axl Rose, Skrillex, Stephen

What is the Net Worth of Kyle Mooney?

In addition to being one of the wealthiest comedians, Kyle Mooney is also among the most popular in his profession. According to the findings of our investigation as well as Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Kyle Mooney has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars.

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Relationship Status of Kyle Mooney

Kyle Mooney’s relationship status as of 2022 is unmarried. He is currently single since he is not married and is not involved in any romantic relationships. He hasn’t revealed any information about his girlfriend or partner to the public recently, nor has any information about his personal life been whispered. As a result, he doesn’t appear to be planning a wedding anytime soon.

The well-known actor and comedian have successfully kept his personal information hidden from his fans and followers on social media. He values privacy and practices it in his daily life. He has always kept his love life and future ambitions private.

Kyle Mooney’s Family

Mooney’s father, Brian Mooney, is a consultant and planner in the field of environmental planning. His mother, Linda Kozub, worked as a reporter for The San Diego until she retired.


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The San Diego is a metropolitan daily newspaper in San Diego that has been published continuously since 1868. The family has three sons in all, and Kyle is the youngest of the bunch. Mooney’s two elder brothers, Sean and Ryan Mooney, were there for him throughout his childhood.

Kyle Mooney Dating and Girlfriend

Kyle has had a fairly secluded existence despite becoming a comedian. Many of his followers frequently inquire whether he has a girlfriend. Many speculated that the actor was dating his SNL co-star Leslie Jones.


Furthermore, the claimed couple amused their fans with a sketch on Saturday Night Live. The couple engages in the comedy “Leslie & Kylie,” in which they act out a false romance that fooled a lot of their admirers.

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