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List of Top 10 Best Action Movies on HBO: Check Out the Updates!


HBO Max offers one of the largest streaming movie libraries thanks to TCM. Not everyone like old movies. Sometimes you want things to go off, the good men to defeat the evil ones, and stunt work to trump discourse. So can HBO Max. It’s Netflix’s Swiss Army knife. Here is a list of the best action movies.

So, take a seat, turn on one of the 10 best action movies listed below, and relax.

10. The Bourne Identity

The Bourne Identity is a wonderful example of gritty and realistic action that never misses a beat. It is the first picture of a series that has yet to be topped. Each scenario is designed to deliver maximum involvement with a grounded sense, and is unexpected and endlessly entertaining. This is one of the best action movies to watch.

There are car chases, hand-to-hand clashes, escapes, and shootouts. It avoids typical eccentricities in favor of being grounded and genuine, making it a gripping action film. It explores its protagonists’ loneliness and solitude, which makes the stressful action sequences more emotionally engaging.

A teenage Matt Damon leads the picture, giving it his all and more as a mind-wiped assassin trying to find himself. It’s a great action picture worth revisiting.

9. Dune

Dune is a science-fiction epic whose immensity is only matched by the sense of space in its fights. It has some of the most stunning action sequences that are both dazzling and merciless. Every scene featuring Jason Momoa’s Duncan Idaho, a charming yet capable warrior who approaches each new assignment with an unrivaled recklessness and power, is a highlight.

One last scene in a narrow passage where he must face enormous odds will be remembered for all time, showcasing Momoa’s immense presence and might. You can’t help but marvel at his dedication to the deed as he slashes through opponent after competitor.

No one could have done it better than Momoa, and the action is so well-choreographed that it turns like a fatal dance. When it’s all said and done, it’s one of the more tragic and captivating moments in a film full of them.

8. Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as Furiosa, brought George Miller’s post-apocalyptic franchise back in 2015. They worked together to liberate the women of a dictatorial warlord while facing his troops of bloodthirsty War Boys and their lethal vehicles.

With Fury Road, the series, which is notorious for its futuristic car combat, outdid itself. Some of the most stunning and deadliest vehicle chase scenarios were shown to the audience. Though only the theatrical version is solely accessible on HBO Max, they seemed to look even better in the colorless Black and Chrome Edition.

7. Dunkirk

This military drama directed by Christopher Nolan follows British and French forces as they are besieged in the town of Dunkirk during the Battle of Dunkirk during the Second World War.

At the same time, German jets are strafing the town and shooting at the men. In an effort to get its soldiers back home, Britain sends civilian boats to rescue the men who have become stranded, while two Royal Air Force jet pilots take on the difficult duty of protecting their people in dangerous airspace.

6. Greenland

When Greenland’s first trailer was published, spectators knew they were in for a ridiculous yet fascinating trip. Ric Roman Waugh, the action-disaster movie’s director, denied this. Instead, he chose to investigate those facing impending disaster.

Drama is effectively placed on top of the chaos, and if you’re looking for some depth to go along with your end-of-the-world catastrophes, Greenland ticks off more than a few boxes in that regard. This is one of the best action movies to watch.

5. The Fugitive

Regardless of how many times you’ve seen “The Fugitive,” this nail-biting thriller never fails to raise your blood pressure. The 1993 picture, based on the TV series of the same name, stars Harrison Ford as a rich Chicago doctor who, despite his protestations of innocence, is convicted of murdering his wife.

When a railway disaster rescues him from death row, he goes on the run to find the genuine perpetrator while being pursued by US Marshal Sam Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones). Jones earned his first and only Academy Award for the picture, which was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture.

4. The Batman

There appear to be two broad attitudes to The Batman: either you think it’s the best Batman film ever made, or you’re completely undecided. But you won’t know until you see it! To play Bruce Wayne’s alter persona, Robert Pattinson dons a large black cloak and a whole lot of black eye makeup from Hot Topic.

Batman’s pursuit of a serial killer who leaves cryptic riddles in his path reveals Gotham’s sordid past. Colin Farrell’s portrayal as The Penguin steals the show, and we’ll soon see how he does in his own spin-off series.

Colin Farrell’s portrayal as The Penguin steals the show, and we’ll soon see how he does in his own spin-off series on HBO Max. It’s a great action film.

3. Halloween Kills

Anthony Michael Hall as Tommy, Robert Longstreet as Lonnie, and a few more are among the newcomers in this installment. Outside of fleshing out the town, they don’t really offer much to the movie, since most of these characters have no actual role or merely cause bad things to happen. They are typically underwritten, with strange goals and a bad grasp of reality, which causes them to become ruthless.

The mob section of the film is the greatest contribution and the most difficult ladder to climb. Again, no spoilers, but the mob serves no function in the film, which is exacerbated by the fact that it occupies a significant portion of the runtime.

It slides out of control before dying, leaving only the slapping message “Perhaps WE are the monsters.” It’s a complete waste of time, and it further adds to my hate for Tommy’s persona as a mob instigator.

2. Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel was a long time coming as an action-adventure film. It began as a Yukito Kishiro manga named Gunnm in 1990 and later as a proto-anime called Battle Angel in 1993, was adapted into a Robert Rodriguez-directed film in 2019. And it’s simple to see why Rodriguez, who is kinetically oriented, would want to create this film.

In Alita’s steampunk future, Earth has been devastated by an interstellar war. Dr. Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) provides a cyborg with a human brain a second shot at life. Alita takes part in cyborg bloodsports and faces some scary opponents.

1. The Dark Knight

While superhero movies appear to be rebooted every few years, The Dark Knight was a rare example of a relaunch that worked well. The film follows Batman as he fights The Joker, a violent lunatic who threatens to burn Gotham City down. This is one of the best action movies to watch.

The Dark Knight is dark, unlike other comic book movies. Heath Ledger’s Joker performance is one of the finest in film history. Epic action scenes with actual effects add to the film’s excitement.

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