Herschel Walker Net Worth: How Much Did “Trump-Loving Football Champ” Earn From His Career?

Herschel Walker Net Worth: Herschel Walker is a former footballer, a bobsledder, a mixed martial artist, and a politician.

He went to college at the University of Georgia and played football there. He was named an All-American three times and won the Heisman Trophy in 1982.

Bleacher Report, 247sports, and Sporting News all rank him as number one, and ESPN ranks him as number two.

In this article, we will explore the net worth of Herschel Walker.

Early Life of Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker was born in Augusta, Georgia on March 3, 1962. His parents Willis and Christina Walker had a total of seven kids, and all of them were raised in Wrightsville, Georgia.

Walker went to Johnson County High School and was a student-athlete there. He played football, basketball, and ran track. Walker ran for a total of 3,167 yards on the football team during his senior year. This helped his team, the Trojans, win their first-ever state championship.

Herschel Walker’s College Career

Walker went to the University of Georgia after he graduated from high school. There, he played running back on the football team. He was a great player at the University of Georgia. He was named an All-American three times and won the Heisman Trophy and the Maxwell Award in 1982.

Even though Walker only played for three years in college, he was the only player in NCAA history to finish in the top three in Heisman voting all three times. Also, he was the first NCAA player to finish in the top 10 in rushing yards who had only played for three years. Walker was put in the College Football Hall of Fame, and many people think of him as one of the best college football players ever.

Walker, Herschel did not graduate from the University of Georgia. He was working on his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies, but he dropped out to join the USFL.

Herschel Walker’s Career in Football

The three-time All-American started playing professional football with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL. In 1983 and 1985, he was the fastest runner in the USFL. The Dallas Cowboys picked Herschel in the fifth round of the 1985 draught (114th overall) because they thought the USFL would end. The USFL did go out of business, and Herschel played for the Cowboys in 1986.

Walker’s first two seasons with the Cowboys were tense because Walker cut Tony Dorsett’s playing time, which made Dorsett unhappy. Once Dorsett left for the Denver Broncos, Walker was able to really shine. Walker had some impressive stats in 1988.

herschel walker net worth

He played halfback, fullback, tight end, H-back, and wide receiver, among other positions. This earned him the 10th NFL player to amass 2,000 yards by rushing and receiving.

1989: Cowboys trade Walker to Vikings. The Cowboys obtained Jesse Solomon, Issac Holt, Darrin Nelson, David Howard, and Alex Stewart, plus six draft selections.

Many people thought the “HWT” (Herschel Walker Trade) would help the Vikings reach the Super Bowl. Over time, it became evident that the Cowboys won the transaction.

HWT is now considered one of the worst NFL transactions. In 1992, Walker joined the Eagles. Before 1995, he played there for three years.

The Giants awarded him a $4.8 million, three-year agreement. Then he played for Dallas and returned in 1996. He finished with the squad he began with. In 1997, he retired.

Herschel Walker’s Net Worth

Herschel Walker has an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2022.

Walker gets a salary of $100,000 a year from Renaissance Man Food Services, the company where he makes chickens. He also got more than $420,000 from two companies that market sports. In Delaware, a mental health care company is paying him $330,000 to be a spokesperson for a program that helps veterans.

About $400,000 of his income came from speeches he gave to more than a dozen different groups, including charities like the Boys and Girls Club, which paid him up to $27,000.

When he spoke to the Mid-City Women’s Clinic in Hurst, Texas, they paid him $20,000, and when he spoke to the Pregnant Choice medical group in Augusta, they paid him $27,000. Both are part of a group of clinics that try to stop people from having abortions.


Herschel Walker’s Earnings from His Football Career

In 1983, Herschel signed a three-year, $5 million deal with the New Jersey Generals that was thought to be a first. At the time, the team was owned by J. Walter Duncan, a rich oilman from Dallas.

Like the NFL, the USFL had a salary cap of $1.8 million. Herschel’s deal was set up so that part of the money came from a separate “personal services” contract signed with the team owner. This was done to get around the cap. When Donald Trump bought the team after the 1983 season, he took over that contract.


herschel walker net worth

Herschel got a $1 million salary and a $1 million bonus his first year. He also made $1 million for the 1984 season. He made $1.25 million in 1985.

After the USFL broke up in 1985, Herschel signed a new $5 million contract with the Cowboys for the 1986 season. The contract was for five years. Tony Dorsett, who had a five-year, $4.5 million deal, was upset about Herschel’s deal.

In 1995, when Herschel signed with the New York Giants, he got a three-year deal worth $4.8 million.

Herschel Walker’s Married Life

Walker got married to Cindy DeAngelis Grossman in the year 1983. The couple met in college and have a son together. After 19 years of marriage, they split up in 2002.

herschel walker net worth

Around the year 2010, he started dating Julie M. Blanchard. They are engaged and live in Westlake, Texas. Blanchard used to work for ESPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Herschel Walker’s Wife?

Julie Blanchard

What is Herschel Walker’s Zodiac Sign?

His Zodiac Sign is Pisces.

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