Christopher Gorham: How Much Does He Make Every Year?

As of right now, Christopher Gorham is a permanent citizen of the Los Angeles area. Because of his extraordinary abilities, he has managed to win the hearts of many.

He earned a household name as a result of his role on ABC’s Ugly Betty. His accomplishments have awed a large number of people. It’s easy to find out more about Christopher Gorham if you’re a fan.

Christopher Gorham

For example, you may discover Christopher Gorham‘s current and former earnings, his height and weight and any prior partnerships he may have had. Please read the entire article for more information.

Christopher Gorham’s Biography

He was born in the USA on August 14, 1974. By birth, he is a US citizen. He played Henry Grubstick on the hit ABC sitcom Ugly Betty. Insatiable, a program on Netflix would include him as a star. Some astrologers believe Christopher Gorham is a Leo.

He was born on August 14th, 1974, and his name is Christopher David Gorham. His portrayal as Ugly Betty on the ABC comedy is perhaps his most well-known. Meanwhile, he’s been in Harper’s Island and Once Upon a Time as well as other television shows, including Medical Investigation and Out of Practice.

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He met Anel Lopez Gorham, his future wife while working on the production of Popular. The family consists of three boys and one daughter. A permanent cast character of Baywatch as a cast member as an intern (1989). There are several science fiction guest appearances in which Gorham has featured.

He has appeared in episodes such as Odyssey 5 and even as the show’s main character, Jake 2.0. She has featured in series including Party of Five, Felicity, and Without a Trace. “The Other Side of Heaven” co-starred Anne Hathaway in 2001.

Race, Religion, and Political Philosophy of Christopher Gorham

What is it about Christopher Gorham‘s lineage that piques the attention of so many people? Let’s get a better look at it! Christopher Gorham‘s race is unknown to the general public, according to publicly accessible sources like IMDb and Wikipedia.

In the near future, Christopher Gorham‘s thoughts on politics and religion will be posted on this website. If the document hasn’t been changed in a few days, come back and check.

Christopher Gorham

Cathryn Gorham, a school nurse, and David Gorham, a certified public accountant, raised their son in Fresno, California. Gorham and Cathryn have a father-daughter relationship as children.

He graduated from Roosevelt School of the Arts and UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater in 1996. Ballroom dancing, stage fights, fencing, and rollerblading were among the activities he engaged in as a university student.

What Is Chris Gorham’s Net Worth?

Christopher Gorham, a very well renowned American actor, has a net worth of $5 million, according to reports. The month of August of 1974 marked his birth in Fresno, California, where he now resides.

He majored in film and theatre at the University of California, where he graduated with an honors degree. He worked as an intern on Baywatch in 1989.

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Between 1997 and 1998, Gorham featured in a number of Party of Five shows. In 1997, he earned his television acting debut as a spy in Spy Game. For three seasons, he played Harrison John on the hit NBC show Popular.

From 2001 to 2002, Gorham portrayed Trevor on Felicity and Neil on Odyssey 5. He portrayed Dr. Miles McCabe on Medical Investigation from 2004 to 2005 and Jake 2.0 on The Jake 2.0 Diaries from the same year.

Christopher Gorham in Out of Practice

During the years 2005-2006, Christopher portrayed Benjamin Barnes in the NBC sitcom Out of Practice. He portrayed Henry Dunn in the 2009 TV series Harper’s Island.

In the show Ugly Betty, Henry Grubstick portrayed Henry Grubstick’s character. Gorham played Auggie Anderson on Covert Affairs from 2010 to 2014, and he featured as a guest actor on Once Upon a Time in 2014.

In 2003, he was awarded the Character and Morality in Entertainment Award by the organization. SAG Award nominees in 2008 included him. His three children’s mother, Anel Lopez Gorham, married in 2000.

Physical dimensions and body structure fascinate Body Stars fans. Whether or not a celebrity is liked by their fans is mostly determined by their physical looks.

It’s common for fans to want to know the physical qualities of their favorite stars so that they may compare themselves to them in terms of appearance. We’ll cover Christopher Gorham‘s physique from head to toe in the following parts.

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At 5′ 11″ and 77 pounds, he is the tallest member of the group at 1.8 meters (170 lbs). Please take notice that the weight we’ve provided is the most current. His brown hair and black eyes have a remarkable resemblance.

Family Members from the Gorham Lineage

Cathryn and David Gorham’s first child is Christopher Gorham. His mother was a nurse and his father was a CPA, both of whom were well-known in their respective fields. As soon as we can, we’ll get back to you.

Christopher Gorham

Who Is the Wife of Chris Gorham?

Anel Lopez, his long-term wife, divorced him after they were married for a decade. On March 10th, 1975, Anel Lopez Gorham was born in the USA. Just a handful of her acting credits include Felicity (1998), Popular (1999), and Easy Six (2001). (2003).

Ethan, Alondra, and Lucas Gorham were all born as a direct consequence of Gorham and Alondra’s union. Where he presently resides, he moved to Fresno, California, in the fall of 2013.

The Yearly Salaries of Christopher Gorham

She hasn’t made Christopher’s pay public yet, so there’s no way to tell. In the meanwhile, we’re continuing our investigation and hope to have new information for you shortly.


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