Romain Zago Net Worth: Career | Life | Property | Who Is His Wife?

Romain Zago Net Worth: Romain Zago was born in France on November 8, 1972.

He is a reality television celebrity and club owner who runs the exclusive Mynt Lounge club, which was featured in episodes of the reality television series “Real Housewives of Miami” (2012–2013). Zago is fluent in five languages.

Since 2002, the businessman has been involved in the nightlife industry.

Romain Zago Career

Zago started his career as a bartender at Mynt Lounge, quickly rising through the ranks to become manager, then VIP director, before purchasing the entire business in 2006 and continuing to grow it as one of Miami’s best nightlife hotspots.

romain zago net worth

Even his model girlfriend Joanna began to make frequent appearances in the club’s VIP section, which didn’t hurt! Mynt Lounge, located on Miami’s prestigious 2100 block of Collins Avenue, has hosted a long list of A-list celebrities such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez, and Giselle Bundchen, as well as an equally long list of up-and-coming designers, models, DJs, and all-around extremely wealthy people.

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Mynt Lounge is a proud member of the YMCA of Miami. According to Romain, the club must be completely reconstructed every summer in order to keep its youthful ambiance. He spent more than a million dollars on the most recent round of improvements to revitalize the club.

After closing Mynt in 2018, Zago established Myn-Tu immediately next door, which is described as an “elegant blend of Japanese and Vietnamese culture imbued by a French flair.”Prior to joining Mynt Lounge, Romain worked as a fashion model around the world, where he obtained great expertise.

Romain Zago Personal Life

Romain married Joanna Krupa, whom he had known for five years, on June 13, 2013, in Carlsbad, California. Krupa confessed to “In Touch Weekly” in November 2012 that she had called off her engagement to Zago after a furious disagreement regarding Romain’s lack of devotion to her.

According to Zago, Joanna’s constant trips and lifestyle made commitment extremely tough. Romain requested a divorce from Joanna in December 2016, and they filed for divorce jointly in July 2017.

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The divorce was finalized less than a month later. Romain informed Carolina that he was taking her out to lunch and that he had arranged for two police officers to pull him over and pretend to arrest him as he drove away.

While still in handcuffs, Zago got down on one knee and proposed to Delgado; shortly after, the couple traveled to Paris to celebrate.

romain zago net worth

Zago began a love relationship with fitness model Carolina Delgado in early 2018, and he proposed to her in April 2019 with the help of the Miami Beach Police Department.

Carolina and Romain married in February 2020 in a private ceremony attended by only the bride, groom, and Delgado’s daughter Camila, according to an Instagram post by the couple. Zago speaks five languages and has a brown belt in karate, among other things.

Romain Zago Property

Romain and Joanna bought a 2,140-square-foot apartment in Miami for $1.369 million in 2013, then sold it for $1.55 million in September 2018 after their divorce. Zago and Krupa listed the flat in February 2018 and decreased the price to $1.595 million in August before selling it for a cheaper amount in September.

In October, the property was sold for a cheaper price. They attempted to sell the condo twice before their marriage, offering it for $1.9 million in 2014 and $2.5 million in 2016. They were both unsuccessful.

Height, Age, and More

Romain Zago is a handsome young man with an endearing demeanor and charisma. Approximately 193 cm/1.93 m in height, Romain stands at 6 Feet 3 Inches. Romain is approximately 92 kg in weight (202 lbs). Roman Zago possesses biceps that measure 16 inches in circumference.

Additionally, Romain’s bodily measurements are 44-33-37 inches in length, width, and height. Roman has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and he wears a pair of glasses. Similarly, Roman is a size 12 in the United States.

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Romain Zago maintains social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram account has 132,000 followers, according to him. And he has 1.3 thousand fans on his Facebook page, according to the site. Romain Zago is a club owner who operates a well-known nightclub in Mamaia, which he founded.

As a result, Romain makes a substantial sum of money. Romain Zago has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million US dollars, according to public records. Apart from that, Romain enjoys a comfortable and opulent lifestyle.

Romain Zago Married and Divorced Joanna Krupa

In June 2013, Romain Zago married Joanna Krupa. The wedding ceremony cost a whopping $1 million dollars. Furthermore, the pair had a happy marriage and couldn’t stop displaying devotion to one another.

However, after four years of marriage, their marriage fell apart after Romain allegedly cheated on her with another woman. On 10 July 2017, Romain and his then-wife filed for divorce and separated on August 17, 2017.

romain zago net worth

Romain has moved on and is now dating Carolina Delgado. Furthermore, the businessman proposed to his fiancée, and they married in Paris in April 2019 with the assistance of police officers. The pair has not revealed the date of their wedding, but we are confident they will have a happy marriage.

Is Romain Zago Still Married to Carolina Delgado?

Zago is said to be divorcing his wife of about a year, fitness model Carolina Delgado. They married on February 23, 2020, just before the epidemic. A brief recap of the previous week’s events at @mynt.


Finally, in Romain Zago’s personal life, he met the fashion model Joanna Krupa in 2007. The pair dated for more than five years before becoming engaged in 2012 and marrying in 2013.

The wedding took place in Southern California. In the reality television series “The Real Housewives of Miami” (2013), their wedding was depicted.

The bride was dressed in a Chagoury Couture gown that cost $30,000, and rumors have it that the wedding cost more than $1 million. The couple currently lives in two luxurious properties, one in Los Angeles and the other in Miami, where they spend their time.

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