Sid Wilson Net Worth: Is He Going to Become Father for the First Time?

Sid Wilson Net Worth: Sidney George Wilson III, popularly known as DJ Starscream or#0, is an American DJ, keyboardist, rapper, and pianist most known for being the turntablist for Grammy-winning heavy metal band Slipknot.

Until bassist Alessandro Venturella and drummer Jay Weinberg, Wilson was the band’s youngest member.

In this article, we will explore the net worth of Sid Wilson.

Sid Wilson’s Biography

Sid Wilson was born on January 20, 1977, in the Iowa city of Des Moines. Both of his parents are from England. He is a member of the American band Slipknot and DJ Starscream, a name inspired by the Transformers character of the same name.

He is a Transformers fan with tattoos. The music of Slipknot is enhanced by Wilson’s scratching and sound effects. When it came time to assign numbers, he insisted on becoming number zero since dirt represented him.

In Slipknot’s early years, he was known to stage dive, and in 2008, he shattered both of his heels when he jumped ten feet off the stage. Wilson has created a name for himself in Japan as a jungle artist, going by the moniker DJ Starscream, and is currently signed to the Japanese record label N2O Records.

Sid Wilson Net Worth

For the second Death Note film, he co-wrote “HAKAI (Destroy)” alongside Hiroshi Kyono of The Mad Capsule Markets. The music was remixed and included on Wagdug Futuristic Unity’s Nu Riot mini-album and 2008’s Hakai.

Since August 2010, he has been performing with SID. He sings lead for the band. Wilson then went on a solo tour, ending on September 5, 2010, in Steger, Illinois at Another Hole In The Wall.

said, “This was the tour’s greatest stop, and the crowd loved it. It felt like going back to my roots.” And he plans to travel for a year or two with his solo project.

The debut album “SID” was released for digital download on September 13, 2011. He was a support act for Vamps during their Los Angeles and New York gigs in 2013.

Sid Wilson’s Net Worth

Sid Wilson’s net worth is projected to reach $10 million by 2022. He is an American celebrity. In 2019, his band, Slipknot, sold over 33 million CDs. On stage dives with the Grammy-winning band, Sid allegedly.


Sid Wilson’s Girlfriend

Sid Wilson is dating Kelly Osbourne. While Kelly has shared photos of them on Instagram, it is difficult to pinpoint when they began dating.

sid wilson net worth

Kelly Osbourne stated she is expecting her first child in an Instagram post on May 12. “I know I’ve been extremely silent these past few months, so I thought I’d share with you all why…” she explained. I’m overjoyed to share the news that I’ll be a Mumma. To say I am content is an understatement. “I’m overjoyed!”

Sid Wilson and Slipknot Clothing Line

The Tattered & Torn clothing brand was founded by the band in 2008. Wilson earns a part of the revenues from Slipknot’s main source of income.

According to the band, the line is one of their best-selling garment lines, and it also allows fans to have something cool to wear at a reasonable price.

Wilson joined Slipknot in 1998, three years after the band formed in 1995. Wilson joined the band as a DJ and keyboardist, and the crowd greeted him warmly.

They went on to create multiple platinum albums and won numerous awards, including the Grammys, after joining the group, which included Corey Taylor, Joey Jordison, Shawn Crahan, and others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Sid Wilson’s Net Worth?

Sid Wilson has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Who Is Sid Wilson’s Wife?

Sid Wilson is married to Kelly Osbourne.

How Old Is Sid Wilson?

Sid Wilson is 45 years old.

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