Laine Hardy Net Worth 2022: Why Was The American Idol Winner Arrested?

Laine Hardy Net Worth 2022: Laine Hardy is an American singer and American Idol season 17 winner from Livingston, Louisiana.

Early Life of Laine Hardy

Hardy grew up in Livingston, Louisiana, after being born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on September 12, 2000.

His father, Barry, works at a construction company as a general contractor, while his mother, Cindy Lou, is a real estate agent. Kyle Banta is his younger brother, while Brittany Banta is his older sister.

His maternal grandmother is a Seoul-born Korean immigrant. He graduated from French Settlement High School in 2018.

He began playing the guitar at the age of eight, and by the age of fourteen, he was performing in local taverns and restaurants with his brother and cousins as the Band Hardy. Although he did not sing at first, his brother urged him to do so.

Laine Hardy’s Career

Since he was a child, Laine Hardy has had a fascination for music and singing. He began his professional career at the tender age of seven when a shopkeeper taught him how to play the guitar.

In 2016, he created his band with his brother Kyle, cousins, and friends. His group was known as “The Band Hardy”. They used to sing in coffee shops and restaurants.

In 2018, Hardy tried to become America’s sixteenth idol (by The Band of Heathens). He made it to the final round but was unable to qualify, and as a result, he was eliminated. Then she returned for season 17 of American Idol, however, she was not a competitor. He was there to assist a friend.

Laine Hardy Net Worth

His previous performance had charmed the judges, and he was called to sing again. He far outperformed his prior performance and was given a ticket to the Hollywood round. In each subsequent audition, he wowed the judges and proceeded to the top five contestants.

He performed “I Don’t Need a Doctor” by Ray Charles and “Johnny B. Goode” by Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry). After qualifying for the 17th season, he instantly gained fame. “Flame,” his coronation song, was released in May 2019. In April 2020, he also sang a cover of “Life Is A Highway” on American Idol.

Laine Hardy’s Net Worth

Laine Hardy has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars. His singing profession is his primary source of income. Hardy’s successful career, on the other hand, has rewarded him with opulent living and high-end automobiles. He is one of the wealthiest contestants on American Idol.

Laine Hardy’s Source of Income

Laine Hardy is a successful singer who generates money from both singing and social media platforms. He has 584K Instagram followers and 164K YouTube subscribers, indicating that he is well-paid.

Laine has amassed a sizable fortune through his singing profession, and he has done so at a young age. He has not, however, revealed his daily earnings.

It is unknown how much he earns in a month. However, his YouTube profits during the last 30 days range from $591 to $1688.

How Much Does Laine Hardy Make in a Year?

His annual earnings from YouTube alone amount to more than 13472 dollars. He receives about $753 for each YouTube video. He is a well-known singer who makes a decent livelihood from his profession. It’s important to remember that these are estimates of statistics and values.

Laine Hardy Arrest

Following charges that he bugged his ex-Louisiana girlfriend’s State University dorm room with an electronic recording device, Hardy was arrested by the Louisiana State University Police Department and put into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on April 29, 2022.

Laine Hardy Net Worth

The device, which was discovered by Hardy’s ex-girlfriend and her roommate, was put in the dorm room’s futon, according to Hardy’s arrest request, and the ex-girlfriend grew suspicious when he gave her facts about her private life that she had not previously revealed to him.

Hardy, who was not an LSU student, allegedly confessed to his ex-girlfriend that he did indeed bug her room, but that he also falsely told her that he dumped the device into a pond. Following his detention, it was later revealed that Hardy was collaborating with investigators.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laine Hardy’s Current Relationship Status?

Laine Hardy is possibly single and has never been married, according to our records. Laine Hardy is not dating anyone as of April 2022.

How old is Laine Hardy?

Laine Hardy is 21 years old.

How did Laine Hardy become well-known?

Laine Hardy is an American Idol season 17 winner.

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