The Ongoing Relationship Between Gaming and Television

Games featuring likenesses from popular culture are nothing new. They are a constant source of inspiration for developers, with some being more obvious than others. Games based on your favorite superheroes were probably inevitable, with those using game shows as inspiration perhaps less expected.

If you’re a fan of online casino gaming, you’ve never had it better. This competition has led to developers trying their hardest to create new games that bring in customers. Whilst some might focus on taking you to the remnants of an ancient society, others will have you reminiscing about lazy afternoons enjoying some of the best game shows ever created.

The relationship between TV game shows and online casino gaming

For example, Deal or No Deal was launched in several countries during the mid-2000s and quickly became a hit with game show fans. During its peak, it was popular across the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. This widespread popularity is further demonstrated by the fact that DOND has even reached the online casino industry. For example, the slots online at Paddy Power include a Deal or No Deal game alongside one for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, which was also incredibly popular and therefore translates well to this new format.

Further games have been inspired by game shows, even without directly referencing. There’s a Spin a Win Live game developed by someone with an obvious passion for the iconic Wheel of Fortune. If you journey through the world of online casinos, you will see several more references to the world of television. The likes of the Walking Dead also have a slot inspired by its unique themes and characters. The popularity of this show explains why the biggest licenses are constantly used by developers.

Roles Reversed: Gaming as a form of Entertainment

With all types of gaming being so popular, it’s no surprise that aspects of it are being used for entertainment by creating televised tournaments. This is especially prevalent in the thriving sector of eSports gaming. Competitive gaming is now big business, and competitions are given similar coverage to sporting events, which is telling of the level of viewership this comparatively new sector has already achieved.

Fans can also watch their favorite streamers at sites like Twitch. An incredibly popular streaming platform, Twitch has become a means of lucrative income for many prominent streamers due to the popularity of gaming as a form of spectator entertainment.

All of this makes the relationship between TV and gaming an evolving one. Games love to utilize aspects of the most popular programs, but broadcast media has found a way to utilize gaming’s popularity. It will be interesting to see where the direction goes in the future.

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