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So, If you want to write for us, Here is what we are looking at:

What are we looking at?

Opinion piece, analytical feature, press release, a news story, book reviews, product reviews, essay writings and even a personality-based write-up (about a person doing some great work for the community), we accept all such submissions.

Please ensure the piece is not dated, the write up is coherent and the topic relevant to

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Guidelines Before Submitting Article at

To write for any website, a blogger needs to perform keyword research in which he make sure that the topic must rank on their website.

Similarly, I don’t want article on any general topic.

Give us a content that deserves to rank, that deserves to solve problems of atleast 1000 users/month and if you are failed in doing so, if your guest post article don’t get any ranking, you will not get 100% benefit from the sponsored post.

If you want to take full advantage of sponsored post or if you want to rank for high competitive keywords, do keyword research and then write on topic that could rank on and through your anchor text/anchor url – get ranking just from this 1 post.

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  • Your article must be unique and well written. If the article will be copied, we will not accept any submission from you.
  • To publish article at, your article must be of 800+ words along with the relevant images and videos. 
  • Interlink your article with other topics of
  • Keep your article simple and through the point. Users must get benefit from it. 

Authors/writers are requested to preferably send in previously unpublished works. Only in some cases, we accept previously published works. The decision to accept/reject such works rests solely with the editor.

It may help if it is mentioned that the piece is sent simultaneously to several other news organisations.

The general word length should range between 1,000-1,400 words. In rare cases, it may be a two-part write up if the topic deserves and demands it.

The submission should be accompanied with two lines bio of the author.

Attach a photo related to the content, if not suggest a photo idea to go with it.


Currently we are accepting submissions only in English.

Where to send?

Submissions should be mailed to [email protected]

If you have any queries, please write to The Shahab Editor at [email protected]

We read all mails and try to reply to each and every mail. Still if you don’t hear from us, please drop in another mail.