Who is Justin Long Dating? | Kate Bosworth and Justin Long’s Relationship Timeline

An American actor, comedian, and screenwriter by the name of Justin Long.

In movies like “Jeepers Creepers,” “Dodgeball,” “Accepted,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Drag Me to Hell,” “Tusk,” “Comet,” and “The Lookalike,” Long is best known for his roles. He served as host of the Shop Class Disney+ original series. He made an appearance in ads for Intel’s “Go PC” initiative.

Justin Long Early Life

On June 2nd, 1978, Justin Jacob Long was born in Connecticut.

Who is Justin Long Dating

Long is the son of philosophy and Latin professor R. James Long. His mother, Wendy Lesniak, is a stage performer and former actress. Italian ancestry was present in his paternal grandmother.

Local stage actor, educator, and theatre director Long’s older brother. Long went to Vassar College and the Jesuit school Fairfield College Preparatory School. He was a performer in several plays, including Butterflies Are Free, and a member of the sketch comedy troupe Laughingstock.

Justin Long Career

DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story, The Break-Up, Crossroads, Galaxy Quest, Dreamland, and Live Free or Die Hard are just a few of the movies that Long has worked on. He also frequently appeared on the NBC TV program “Ed.”

In 2006, he made a cameo appearance in the film “Wild West Comedy Show.” He appeared in “Live Free or Die Hard” the following year as a “white-hat hacker” alongside Bruce Willis.

Long’s portrayal of a Mac in Apple’s “Get a Mac” campaign is probably his most well-known work. Additionally, he played a minor part in the 2008 comedy “Zack and Miri Make a Porno.” He starred in “He’s Just Not That Into You” the following year.

Justin Long’s Net Worth

According to Celebritynetworth, We will respect Justin Long’s success and the character of America. He has a very long history in the entertainment business and has had some measure of success. He first gained notoriety as a performer in a sketch comedy troupe, and he later appeared in a number of plays and dramas.

However, he quickly made his film and television debuts. He later performed in voiceover roles and TV commercials. Justin Long has made a respectable fortune of $18 million as a result of everything.

Who is Justin Long Dating?

With a heartfelt Instagram post in May, Long officially announced his relationship with Bosworth. While on vacation in Ireland, the actor shared a photo of himself and the Superman Returns actress enjoying a pint of Guinness together. I’m the luckiest, the Blue Crush actress wrote in a comment on the article.

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Kate Bosworth and Justin Long’s Relationship Timeline

The relationship between Kate Bosworth and Justin Long is gradually becoming more well-known.

Who is Justin Long Dating
After spending time together in Arkansas in 2021 while filming an unnamed project, the He’s Just Not That Into You actor and the Remember the Titans actress sparked relationship rumours in March 2022 after they were spotted together in Los Angeles.

Since then, they have been pictured holding hands on a beach in Hawaii and strolling the streets of New York City. In a podcast interview, Long talked about his relationship, saying he’s “never had anything like this before.”

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Here is a detailed timeline of Kate Bosworth and Justin Long’s relationship, from their low-key beginning to their Instagram debut.

Kate and Justin Film a Project in Arkansas

Bosworth and Long collaborated on an unidentified movie project in Arkansas in 2021.

After wrapping up on set, Bosworth shared a series of heartfelt tributes to Long on Instagram, one of which featured a playful picture of Long holding the actress in his arms.

She wrote, “Holy moly @justinlong you are a truly spectacular/fun/funny/kind/rare/thoughtful/totally. fckn. rad human being. “THANK YOU for encouraging us. You kept things fun and light-hearted every day, even during the most trying times. You have no idea how much I adore you (sorry;)”

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Longtime jokers said, “Is that all you had to say about me? I respect your restraint, though.”

Justin Confirms He is in a Relationship on His Podcast

Long acknowledged having a girlfriend on an episode of his podcast Life is Short with Justin Long. He did leave one hint, however—she liked pineapple on her pizza—even though he did not mention the name of his significant other.

Kate and Justin Are Spotted Together in Los Angeles

Fans had been speculating that the two were dating after Long’s podcast admission and Bosworth’s social media tribute. The couple fueled the rumours further in March 2022 when they were spotted in a car together in Los Angeles.

Justin Says He Found “the One” Amidst Kate Romance Rumors

Long spoke about his search for love while appearing on Nick Vaill’s programme The Vaill Files.

“I had arrived at a point where I was content with who I was. The actor stated, “I wasn’t aware of it at the time, but I was prepared for the one, and the one, I met. I located.”

He mentioned Bosworth, but he didn’t say his name “Although I want to be protective, I also want to [talk about it]. Although I want to shout it from the rooftops, I also want to be guarded. It is revered.”

Justin and Kate Star in Upcoming Thriller House of Darkness

In the upcoming thriller House of Darkness, directed by Neil LaBute, Long and Bosworth will co-star. On July 28, 2022, the first trailer for the movie was released, and it featured the real-life couple playing a deadly game.

When Long and Bosworth first enter the mansion, they canoodling by the fireplace. Soon, eerie figures start to appear all over the house, and Bosworth invites Long to play a game.

When Long states, the two intensify the drama “I’m worn out. Bosworth replies, “No you’re not. I’m going home.”

In the brief clip, the couple can be seen cuddling and kissing, but the sinister film is a far cry from their adorable off-screen union.

Justin Talks About Kate on the Drew Barrymore Show

During the season 3 premiere of The Drew Barrymore Show, Long had a conversation with Barrymore about his relationship with Bosworth.

After talking about their past relationships (the two had an on-and-off relationship between 2007 and 2010), Barrymore said to Long, “You deserve to be happy, which is why I’m so happy. I’m ecstatic for you.”

Long retorted, “[Bosworth] does all those things.” “She loves you, too. She is the most wonderful and encouraging person. You’d enjoy spending time with her.”


Justin Long is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter. He has appeared in movies like “Jeepers Creepers,” “Dodgeball,” “Accepted,” “Live Free or Die Hard,” “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Drag Me to Hell,” “Tusk,” “Comet,” and “The Lookalike”.

Kate Bosworth and Justin Long sparked relationship rumours in March 2022 after they were spotted together in Los Angeles. In a podcast interview, Long said he’s “never had anything like this before”. The couple have been pictured holding hands on a beach and strolling New York City streets.

Justin Long and Kate Bosworth will co-star in the upcoming thriller House of Darkness. The first trailer for the movie was released on July 28. In it, the couple can be seen playing a deadly game while cuddling and kissing.

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